1K Follower Celebration // My Blogging Journey

I’ve celebrated a lot of milestones with you guys in the past seven months. First came my hundred followers, which made me dance around my room like an idiot. Then came 500, which absolutely blew my mind. Now, I’m proud to say that I have a tribe of 1,000 people on Tales From The Thrift Shop.

Writing this is completely crazy to me. Normally, I’m writing with tons of exclamation marks and the words come almost effortlessly. Even as I planned this special photo shoot, I was completely excited. I think — now that the number has officially hit — I’m in shock. To know that I have that many beautiful souls that want to read my work every single day blows my mind.

I didn’t start this blog to gain followers. I did it to share my journey with the world. I am humbled that so many of you find my content entertaining and want to come with me on my journey to purposeful living. I can’t wait to see where else this journey takes me.

My blog numbers and readers might have grown, but the most important part to me is how much I’ve grown. Like I’ve said before here, I have anxiety. It used to quite literally run my life. There were days that I didn’t even want to get out of bed. This blog saved me.

What started as Ink On My Hands and has recently grown up to be Tales From The Thrift Shop has given me a purpose. A passion. An excitement again. I love going thrifting or finding new beauty products and sharing them with you. I might only be a part-time blogger, but it really has given me an excitement for life again.

More than that, I feel like I’ve really grown my tribe I’ve found YOU. Someone that cares about what I care about and that we can join together and give each other support. That’s the most important thing to me — to have a group of people that can wake up in the morning and know that they’ll be there for each other.

This week is full of firsts for me. Obviously it’s my first time hitting 1,000 followers. It’s also my first time hiring a photographer for a photo shoot. Add a new header to that, and you’ve got a whole lot of newness in a short amount of time. I’m excited and scared all at the same time, which must mean that I’m doing something right.

As we were driving to the beach, I realized just how full-circle this entire blog experience has come. I went from not knowing what I was doing to figuring it all out on my own — with some help from you guys, of course. I’m learning and growing and loving it.

It wouldn’t be a true reflection, if I didn’t talk about the main reason why I started this blog. Living purposefully have always been my main goal here. It’s why I thrift and go out of my way to find new fashion and beauty brands to feature here.

I’ve expanded it to other areas in my life as well, but that’s a story for Instagram to tell. In just seven months, so much has changed for the better. From what I wear to what I eat, I feel like I’m truly helping the environment in every way that I can.

All of that was a really long way of saying that I’m so incredibly honored to have you as a reader. This blog might be about me most of the time, but I wouldn’t be where I’m at — on this blog or in life — if it weren’t for you reading this. Thank you for being on this ride with me,

I can’t wait to see where else this blog take me, and I’m so happy you have you here. This whole thing might be seem corny, but I truly mean it.




  1. Misabella

    Congratulations! I absolutely love your blog and everything you post! You are so inspirational to many bloggers just beginning their blogging journey. I know you will reach 2k very soon 🙂 ❤️

      1. caitpb

        If I see it I will let you know! It’s an a promoted post that sometimes shows up for me. I think they took the quote from Bustle 🙂

  2. Lee

    Huge congratulations Kali! Your blog is amazing and so are you so this is well deserved. Cool idea to hire a photographer, all of the pictures are beautiful!💕

  3. StyledbyMcKenz

    Oh my heart is so full of love and excitement for you and your blog! I wish nothing but success for you throughout ALL the days to come and cannot wait to be by your side as you take on new challenges and experiences. Enjoy this moment and cherish this day, it truly is one of the most humbling of them all.


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