Who What Wear x Target For Less // Thrift Stories

There are some items that you see and you just need. The price doesn’t matter, the size doesn’t matter, you just know deep down that you have to have it. Just like when you’re shopping in the mall, this happens to me in the thrift store. It’s exactly what happened this particular day.

The first thing I do when I walk into the thrift store is look at what color tags are on sale. Unless the item is life-changing, those are mainly the colors that I buy for the day. They’re also the items that get hid the most, though. That’s why it pays to have patience and look through all sizes [and sometimes even the mens section] to see what people are trying to hide.

On this day, as I do most days, I went straight for the dress section. They have everything from jumpsuits and rompers to casual and formals dresses here. I pulled back a god-awful oversized yellow parka and found this…

I know, I know. What is this exactly, you ask? For those of you that don’t write about fashion everyday for a living, this is a Who What Wear x Target Collection slip dress with the tags still on it. As in, it originally ranged somewhere between $40 to $70 when it was sold in store. I got this for a whopping $6.

I can actually remember writing about this collection last fall for Bustle. I gawked over every single item, because it was all so chic and trendy but timeless at the same time. Everything about the collection was amazing — except for the price. Well. the thrift gods were with me, because this dress and I were truly meant to be.

I’m obsessed with the detailing on this dress. Everything from the lace to the tie to the effortless fall of it is so up my alley. Not to mention that the price was definitely right. I’m okay with knowing that it’s from last season. I’ve been starting to look for more of investment pieces that will stick with me for a while, instead of just fun pieces to test out, and that’s exactly what this piece is.

But the story doesn’t end there, people! This part you won’t believe. Remember my Baltimore Thrift Haul? Well, there was a piece that I left out. Unlike the Goodwill up here, that one keeps their fall and winter jackets out all year round. As I was looking through the rack of long vests and heavy coats I found…

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what this is too. This, my friend, is a Who What Wear x Target jacket from the very same collection — with the tags still on! I seriously can’t even make up this kind of luck. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it.

A jacket of similar style from the brand is currently selling online for $45. I got mine for $8. While that’s a bit more than I like to spend at the thrift store, this jacket was special. Plus it was in mint condition, so I knew that it would be well worth the money.

This is my go-to color in the fall. I wear it almost every single day, so I can already tell you that I’ll be getting a whole lot of use out of this one. It’s knit with faux leather detailing on it, which makes it feel comfy and chic all at the same time.

I’m going to toot my own horn here, and say that this were both pretty amazing finds. Like I said before, I’ve been a lot pickier with the items that I’ve been bringing home, but I think it’s definitely paying off in the long run. Plus Cassie’s [from Nell + Rose] words about her line have really stuck with me too.

What do you think of these two items? Have you ever found something brand new hanging in the thrift shop? I want to hear all about our prized thrift finds in the comment section!




  1. kittyp0p

    These are both incredible pieces of clothing! They suit you so well- especially that green with your hair (: mine wasn’t so much a thrift find as just an awesome deal at TJ Maxx I found a bomber jacket that was originally $175 and I got it for less than $20 (it’s featured in my wardrobe update, one of my first posts).

  2. lifeofangela

    You’ve got such a good eye! I often just look around in the general areas, but you’ve got a point about looking everywhere and seeing what things people may be trying to hide for themselves 😀
    That green jacket is amazing!!

  3. j_ivanna

    Such a great finds! I love those, and they look amazing on you!
    I love your blog, I got inspired to go thrifting too)
    I will post tomorrow my mini haul 😉

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