Lavender Picking In My Nell + Rose Babydoll Dress

If you were to ask me how I’d spend my ideal day, I would say in a pretty dress, surrounded by flowers, with the people I love. That’s exactly how this Sunday was spent. My mom and I had recently heard about Luvin Lavender Farm, which is about ten minutes away from where we live. It was perfect timing too, since it was the weekend of their Fourth-Annual Lavender Festival.

All weekend long, they let people in to make crafts, pick their own flowers, and tour the property. So, of course, walking around a gorgeous farm was the perfect time to wear my new Nell + Rose babydoll dress. The striped, oversized items is so incredibly comfy. It can easily be dressed up with a pair of heels or down, like I did for the fest, with sandals. I’m obsessed.

You might be shocked to hear this, but the dress didn’t come from Goodwill. I KNOW! People know me as the thrift queen, but I do occasionally splurge on new items. Only when they do good though. This particular shop — Nell + Rose — is an only boutique run by the amazing Cassie Palmisano. I love supporting other women, so, for me, purchasing from women-owned boutiques is a part of my purposeful living.

Nell + Rose has so much love behind it, thanks to Cassie. She works hard to handpick every single item that goes on the shop. The collection is small, but mighty, and I want every single thing she sells. Everything is sophisticated but trendy all at the same time.

“I’m a firm believer in only buying items that you really love, rather than having a closet full of things that you like,” Cassie says. “I wanted to create a shop where ever item could be one of those items that you love; items that you can’t live without. It took me four months, but I handpicked the 29 items that I was happy to launch my business with. The items I chose are flattering fits, great materials, and perfect, simple silhouettes.”

Her description of the store makes perfect sense once you see it too. The entire collection looks like it could all belong in the same closet, to the same girl, which could definitely be me! While Cassie was nice enough to gift me this babydoll dress, I own another piece from Nell + Rose.

Remember that cutout cotton dress that everyone was asking about from my sunglass post? That was from Nell + Rose too! The Love You Knot Dress is one of my favorites from the line. There’s also a ton of different off the shoulder, maxi dresses, and denim too.

Ready for the kicker? The dress has pockets! You can’t notice them, unless you know that they’re there. When I shop, it’s the small details like this that really win me over, All of the pieces in the Nell + Rose boutique are like this too. Not necessarily with pockets, but with tiny little accents that make them stand out.

Plus the pockets can in handy for a day a the festival. I could carry my phone and money around without having to physically carry anything other than my camera. Add to that comfort and cuteness and you have outfit trifecta.

If you only shop from one online store ever again, make it Nell + Rose. From the owner to the items, every single thing about this store is amazing. Plus there’s nothing better than being comfortable and trendy at the same time.

What do you guys think of the dress? I’d love to know if any of you buy from Nell + Rose too! Do you have any other online boutiques that you shop from? Please leave your purposeful shopping spots in the comment section!





  1. Abigail

    Love this post, that’s a really great way to build your wardrobe! I have a lot of pieces in my wardrobe that don’t get worn…I really need to go through and pick the clothes I can’t live without, and give away the rest. Gorgeous pics and post!

  2. Shawn Basey

    Lavender always reminds me of Hvar Island, a most beautiful island off the Dalmation coast. The whole island is overflowing with lavender, and they serve lavender champagne, ice cream and cake. And your name is a bit on the Yugoslav side, no?

  3. ayrgalaxy

    That’s very cool. We missed the lavender festival this year because it was like 100 degrees and I didn’t want my little one to overheat or get dehydrated too fast.
    And I think this dress looks great on you, might be the vertical stripes but it makes you look a little taller 😊
    And I love that it has pockets!!

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