Awesome Blogger Award // The Most Personal Yet

This month is my month. I can just feel it. I’ve been dreaming up tons of new content for you guys, but most of all I’m making it happen. I’ve got collabs coming, have found tons of new brands to share, and am making a dent in some personal areas as well. Fingers crossed that I didn’t just jinx it!

I figured since my Awesome Blogger Nomination by Oriana of Oriana’s Notes brought some of the most personal questions yet, I’d let you know the headspace that I’m in while writing it. I love answering personal questions, so I’m very excited about this. Yes, you already know what makeup brands I love and that I love to thrift, but this let’s you get inside my life a little more. But enough for that little random update, let’s get to the point of the

Here’s how it works, you thank the personal that nominated you, — if it wasn’t already clear THANK YOU ORIANA! — answer the questions, and give five people ten questions of your own. Hold onto your coffee, my friends, because this one is about to get a little steamy!

Do your family & friends know about your blog?

Yes. I am very active on social media, so that’s hard to hide. Plus my family are the ones behind many of my blog photos.

Is there something for What you’d give up everything?

This is deep. I would give up everything that I have for a child, but not anytime soon. I know that there will come a time when that’s what I want. But for now, I will hold onto my career, social life, hobbies, etc. until the time is right.

How do you deal with stress & pressure?

Am I allowed to say not very well? Because it’s true. I have major social anxiety, so some days even just leaving the house is a stressor. Writing definitely helps, as does essential oils and lots of alone time to reset myself.

What is the best dish that you can make?

I will toot my own horn here and say that I am quite the chef. My brother would say stir fry, my dad would say stuffed peppers, but I would say stuffed mushrooms.

Do you have a favorite youtuber?

I love Zoella. I feel like she doesn’t try to be something she’s not. She doesn’t worry about what people think, she is just unapologetically herself.

Pizza vs. pasta?

I actually don’t like sauce at all and I’m gluten-free, but gluten free pizza with olive oil wins every time haha.

Do you have a dream?

I have many dreams, actually. My dream is to do what I love forever. Even as that changes, I want my career to evolve with it.

If you’re at a friend’s for dinner & don’t like the meal, do you still eat it?

Well, since I’m gluten-free now, I have that trusty excuse of I’m allergic. But before I used to just eat it.

What is your favorite outfit?

That’s like telling me to pick a favorite child! Haha, but my favorite is probably my 100% human shirt with high waisted cotton shorts and my fake Birkenstocks. It feels so me and I love the message.

Where are you from?

This could have a lot of meanings, but I’m from Ohio, more specifically the Cleveland area, even more specifically Perry — a small town in Northeast Ohio.

If that wasn’t more personal than you ever wanted to get with me, then I don’t know what is. No, but really I enjoyed answering those questions very much. To keep the personal trend alive, I’m going to ask some personal questions too

  1. If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
  2. Who was your first crush?
  3. Who in your life do you wish you were closer to?
  4. How did you meet your current/last partner?
  5. If you could tell your future child only one thing, what would it be?
  6. Why did your last lost friendship end?
  7. Who has given you the best life advice & what is it?
  8. What’s the last thing you drank?
  9. What outfit are you wearing?
  10. Who are your role models?

I nominate…

Brooke Clarke, Aricouture, kittyp0p, Simply Fleur, and Dreaming of Pink.

If you didn’t get nominated, I’d love for you to leave an answer to one of the questions in the comments! I love getting to know you guys better, and awards are the perfect way.




  1. Brittney Ross

    Congratulations on this Kali, you certainly deserve it! Let’s see; I met my current boyfriend at the college football ACC Championship Game in 2012; It really was fate. And the advice I would give to my future children is that they are worthy just the way they are! xoxo

  2. lifeofangela

    Congrats Kali!! Im with you on your second answer, I would definitely give up everything for a child one day. It would be the next big adventure 🙂
    Also, it was great to learn more about you, thanks for sharing some more personal tidbits about you! I’m excited about what’s coming up next in your blog 😀

  3. TheFallibleQueen

    Your pictures are so creative, I love it. I’ll answer #5.) I would tell my future child that no matter what happens or where life takes you, I will always love you. Be who God has created you to be and always remember I’m only a phone call away.

  4. Oriana

    Yay, thank you for doing the tag ! 💜 I really enjoyed your answers, and I’m glad you liked that it was personal (I love asking personal stuff to other people 😊)

  5. Lee

    I too would love to have a child someday and give my all to him or her. But I agree that waiting until the right time and having your career and everything going is the best idea. You’ll be a great mom one day and your child will have some great style and be a smart shopper lol☺️💛

  6. ayrgalaxy

    This post came at a good time because I don’t really know you as well (I’m kind of a new follower of yours). But this was great! 😁
    My family and friends don’t really know I blog lol. Well there are very few that do.
    Anyway, I do know another blogger from Ohio lol. Not sure where she resides though.

  7. K.M. Sutton

    Loved reading these! And I love gourmet pizzas! Maybe because most places that have GF crusts, are more gourmet so have unique toppings, but I can;t just eat a plain jane tomato and mozzarella pizza. ❤

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