Red Lips & Good Thrifts // Fourth Of July OOTD

While some people were busy planning their barbecues and pool parties this summer, I was completely focused on thrifting the perfect Fourth of July outfit. I know, I know. The day is technically about celebrating our freedom and the people who fought for it, but dressing the part is the other half of the fun.

The way I see it, the summer holiday is more fun when you really get into it. This year, for the first year ever, we decided to have a cookout at our house, which meant tons of decorations, good food, and, to my benefit, the possibility to multiple outfit changes. I ended up finding some really great thrifted Fourth of July pieces this year, so I was excited to show them all off.

I decided to keep it simple and sweet for my daytime look. My mom actually found this tank top for me. Although it’s originally from American Eagle, we got it at Goodwill for $1. The shorts are also thrifted. Nothing’s more American than tattered jean shorts, which I got for $3 earlier in the summer.

The shirt has see-through polka dots on it, so I had to be strategic with what I put underneath. I decided to wear my white and blue striped bikini. It was patriotic, convenient, and perfect for the warm weather.

I get a lot of things from my mom — a love for thrifting, my red hair, every other facial feature — but my love for red lipstick is not one of them. Ever since the boyfriend chooses my lipstick post, I’ve been obsessed with the statement color. Besides my red hair, I used it as the pop of red that my outfit was missing.

My family are the type of people that notice when anything is different. I was expecting some comments about the shade, but everyone seemed to really like it! I will admit that it was a little inspired by Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale too.

Thankfully it got cold enough to put on long-sleeve too. I stumbled onto this sweater by accident at Goodwill. I knew there was a slim chance that I’d actually be able to wear it on the fourth, since it would be so hot. But for $2, I really couldn’t pass it up.

The material might look like a fall sweater, but it’s actually pretty thin. I threw it on over my denim shorts right when the weather started to drop. Rolling and pushing up the sleeves made it great for cuddling up around the fire, but not sweating my butt off.

A great outfit is all about the details, IMO. That’s why I love this shirt so much. From the front, it’s just your average white tank. The back is a bit unexpected. I really liked that my swimsuit peeked out through the sides and the back.

My other favorite accessory? The glasses, of course! My mom picked these star sunnies up from the dollar store, and they were a major hit. It rounded out my red, white, and blue outfit and they were so fun.

How did you guys spend the holiday weekend? I’d love to hear about what you ate, wore, and how you celebrated. Also, what do you guys think about the red lipstick? I’m dying to hear what you think!




  1. j_ivanna

    I love your outfit! such and easy and comfy. Now as I read your post, I understand that I didn’t thought trough what I’m wearing today)
    Happy 4th of July!

  2. lifeofangela

    That sweater with the American flag is amazing 😂
    I love the outfits your picked, they’re simple and chic! Which works amazing with your red lipstick! That last gif of you with the sunglasses is so cute 😀

  3. Jan Hern

    You suit red lipstick so well! Its strange to think that you didn’t constantly reach for it beforehand. New reader by the way, this was a lovely post. Looking forward to read more from you!

    xx Jan

  4. K.M. Sutton

    From the moment I read “Red lips” I was in love with this post! You know me and the red lips I am obsessed! And gurrrlll You ROCKED IT! It looks stunning on you! I also love your outfits! So festive! Especially those star sunglasses! I also love a shirt that appears ordinary, yet has that extra detail to make it extraordinary. I am glad you had a great fourth and keep rocking that red lipstick! ❤

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