The Thrift List July // New Monthly Series!

Remember that time that I told you all that I needed some fashion advice? Then you guys gave me TONS [thank you SO much] of great thrifting ideas? Well, the big reveal is finally here! It was all a part of an idea for a monthly series — The Thrift List.

It all started after seeing people post their monthly favorites every month. I knew that I wanted to do something like that, but with a twist. So, The Thrift List began. Each month, I will post my scavenger hunt-style list with items that YOU have picked for me, and I’ll post all of my finds at the end of the month. Then, you can give me even more recommendations for next month. Pretty fun, right?

Here’s what you guys came up with for July

You guys picked some amazing items for me to find this month. It’s going to be a bit challenging [overalls, EEK!], but I’m so excited to start this series with you. I’m hoping that it will bring us all a little closer, and make our thrifting journey even more fun.

It’s so fun that I want you to join too! I would love for you guys to take my thrift list and run with it — run into the thrift store, that is. I’m going to post the PDF below, so that you can print it out and join me, if you wish. My hope is that this inspires at least one of you to hit the thrift shop this month.

Click here to get The Thrift! If you do decide to search the shops with me, please tag me in your posts and use the hashtag #TheThriftList on social media. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!




  1. Jade Mayhead

    I love this! Such a great idea – I would love to start thrifting, I just don’t even know where to start! I might try and get at least one of these items on your list or the month! xo

    1. Kali Borovic

      That would be amazing, Jade! We’re all in this together. The hardest part is actually getting to the thrift shop. After that, it’s so much fun! I wish we could all met up and go together! xx.

      1. Jade Mayhead

        You know, i think thats my problem, and i just feel nothing will be in there! I might just take the step and go for it! What have i got to lose?! That would be amazing! We could all share our tips and tricks with each other! xo

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