Baltimore Thrift Haul // All Dressed Up

You didn’t think I’d go a whole week without thrifting, did you? I might have been on vacation, but I took an afternoon to go to the Goodwill in Baltimore. After all, it is my happy place. Get this — it was a superstore! I didn’t even know Goodwill had superstores, but I’m very lucky that I found it.

Actually, my aunt found it. She has been getting into thrifting lately and she drove my mom and I there. It was the perfect girls day. The store was a lot different than the one by me though. Although it was smaller, there was a lot more new items. Also, they didn’t have certain colors on sale, like they normally do around me. It was a little to get used to, but it kept me on my toes.

I was extremely happy with my haul. I ended up buying a lot of dressier pieces that I can wear on chilly summer nights right into fall. Unlike my Goodwill, this store kept all of their items out all year ’round. So there were winter coats and fall sweaters as well as summer stuff. I’m a fall girl at heart, so that’s exactly what I was attracted to.

But enough of that, let’s get to the fun part!

Bell sleeves have officially stolen my heart this season, so I couldn’t pass up this dress when I found it. Especially not after I saw the tags still on it and it was marked down half price. It ended up being $5 after all the discounts. That, my friends, is a steal.

I know it’s not the most practical, everyday outfit, but I just couldn’t resist. This will be perfect for a date night or even a wedding. Plus it can transition into the cooler months as well. I didn’t even try this on. I just bought it at first site. That’s love.

You guys already know that I’ve been loving this style lately, but this is the romper to end all rompers. It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn in my entire life. I also found this hanging on the rack new with tags. I believe it ended up being $5 as well. I would pay way more than that for this piece too.

This material is unreal. The first time I wore it, I actually forgot to take it off at the end of the day. That’s how comfortable it is. I also love that it has a cheeky, tie dye design, but a more formal fit. It’s the perfect way to look put together without actually being put together.

I saved my favorite for last — the t-shirt dress. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, this is perfect for fall. Honestly, I have been looking for a dress like this for a while now, but they’re all really expensive. It’s hard to find a fitted but casual button-down dress without paying tons of money for it. I got this one for $8, which is pricey for Goodwill, but I don’t regret it.

What do you guys think of my haul? I realized that I never did a summer haul either, so that will be coming up very soon. I’d love to hear which one of these three looks is your favorite in the comments section!




  1. Lee

    I think this has to be my favorite thrift hauls of yours so far! They’re all so nice but the bell sleeve dress and tshirt dress😍😍😍

  2. ayrgalaxy

    I love the first one! Can’t believe you got it for $5! Wow!
    You did get lots of great pieces! I haven’t been to the thrift store in some time, last time I went I found a great oversized sweater from H&M 😁
    You’re inspiring me to go back lol

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