Taking My Thrifts To The Ballgame

As soon as I found out that we were going to a ballgame on vacation, the first thing I thought was, “what do I wear?” Because, you know, being the sporty person that I am — NOT — I own all of one sports shirt. Unless you count Sporty Spice. Then I have a ton of things that can pass.

Our home team, the Cleveland Indians, played on the road against the Orioles while we were in Baltimore. And that’s the end of the sports talk that you’ll hear from me. Oh, besides that they won. But, more importantly, it also made it really easy to stock on something cute to wear before I left.

I knew exactly what I wanted to wear too. While finding a t-shirt would be easy, I wanted to find a jersey. The only problem was that there aren’t a whole lot readily available at thrift shops. Especially if you’re looking for player who is still playing. After looking for a few weeks, I was a tad disappointed with my options.

Until I found this…

I could have easily popped into a sports shop and picked one up, but your girl likes a challenge. Instead — in true thriftonista fashion — I decided to stick to secondhand shopping. I ended up finding an official women’s size Indian’s jersey without a name on the back. Where, you ask? At a garage sale!

It was fate that my mom and I stumbled upon the sale. We weren’t going to stop, but we figured we’d take a slow drive by and check it out. Actually, we were on the way to Goodwill to try and find something to wear to the game. It doesn’t get more ironic than that!

That tag might say $10, but don’t let it fool you. My mom ended up haggling it down to $5 for me. Because moms are great that way. That’s one thing I love about garage sales. You can always ask if someone will take less. After all, the worst thing they could say is “no.”

The jersey buttons up the front and has velcro at the top. Instead of wearing it like that, I decided to leave it open. I paired it with a white tied-up tank top that I borrow from my mom and my thrifted shorts. It ended up being the perfect summer layers for the day to night game.

I even happened to be sportier than my boyfriend. Hehe. He opted for just a casual tee, but I decided to look the part. Sporty Spice would be very proud of me in that moment. So many people go out and buy outfits for sports game, which is so perplexing to me. If you’re not a huge sports fan, but still want to wear something sporty, then thrifting is the perfect way to go.

I wasn’t all sporty though. I did glam it up with a full face of makeup and curled hair. I used the Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette on my eyes. Knowing that it was going to be a long, hot day, there was no other shadows that I’d want to use. The colors stayed on forever and didn’t budge at all.

Not pictured is the [bun-free] brat with extra peppers and onions that I downed, two Redd’s Apple Ciders, and tons of laughs while we all tried to get on the jumbo screen. These are memories that I’ll never forget, and I can’t thank my uncle enough for making it all possible.

The chances of me wearing this jersey again are pretty slim, but the memories that I created in it are here to stay forever. Not to mention that in the odd chance that I attend a baseball game again, I’ll have the perfect outfit.

If you were to tell me a few months ago that I would be trying to thrift sportswear, I would laugh my butt off. But that’s so great about shopping secondhand — there’s something for every occasion! Don’t believe me? Don’t worry, I have some posts coming soon to prove it to you.

Have you ever thrifted something sporty? I would love to hear all about your home-team attire in the comments!






  1. Brittney Ross

    Great post! That is so cute; I hope you had fun at the game! I’m a ridiculous sports fan, one of my bucket list items is to go to all of the Major League Baseball stadiums! I have definitely thrifted plenty of sports apparel and bought a ridiculous amount at full price – lol. I live in Atlanta and the Braves just opened their new stadium this year so I plan on getting a new jersey to commemorate the occasion!

      1. Brittney Ross

        Definitely! Oftentimes you can find some real gems! As an avid sports fan I want current jerseys/shirts as well as older ones! Gotta get those hall of fame player shirts too! 🙂

  2. K.M. Sutton

    Love this post! You can totally make sportswear girly! I LOVE how you styled that jersey! I am a huge sports fan, so I have never thrifted jerseys because I am that person who wears them every season and even may or may not wash them depending on if my team (I am a NY girl) won or lost. I might be just a tad hardcore. Lol. ❤

      1. K.M. Sutton

        I just might have What DO I Wear Post planned. But you might have to wait until August when football season starts…And I am over my bitter disappointment over the Rangers AND Giants losses this past season….Not upset…Not upset…Not upset! ;p Lol.

  3. hannah

    OMG I’m from Cleveland too! & I’m so jealous you found this jersey, I’m a massive indians fan & I’m always looking for vintage Indians gear. You’re totally rocking it

      1. hannah

        aaah yes! I’m currently living in PA at the moment but all my family’s still up in Twinsburg & Brecksville. We have season tickets to the Indians games so I’m always there! 💛

  4. Lee

    You both look like you had a great time! And so lucky to find that jersey. Definitely a style I would wear if I where to go- which my boyfriend is actually wanting me to go to a baseball game SO bad! So I probably will eventually✨

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