Secondhand Sunglass Haul // Vacation Accessories

Have you ever had the feeling that everything is on your back and you can’t get it off? Like no matter how many small things you check off your to-do list, it seems like you could just fall over with one single blow. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Thankfully, it’s vacation week, so hopefully all of that will change.

My family, Chad, and I are traveling to Baltimore to visit my uncle, and I could not be more excited to relax for a while. Don’t worry, there will still be blog posts. Just bare with me if I’m a little slow to comment back for the next week.

To kick off vacation week, I decided to share some of my secondhand accessories with you guys. I’ve been garage-sailing a lot lately now that it’s warmer out and have found some really fun accessories for a great prices. Lately, I’ve had vacation on the brain, so I’ve been on the hunt for sunglasses, shoes, and other fun accessories.

Sunglasses are some of my favorite items to find secondhand, because you can try tons of new styles for less. As much as having the perfect pair of Ray Bans are appealing, being able to score some sunnies for .25 cents is way more fun to me.

I picked up two pairs recently from garage sales and one from Goodwill. I also got an adorable beach-y clutch for $2. Does it get any better than that? Rhetorical question, my friends.

I’ve been on the hunt for a summery purse lately — besides my bright summer bag. I’ve been seeing straw-like purses all over Instagram lately. While I’m still searching for the perfect one, this clutch is a step in the right direction. It was originally from American Eagle, and I’m obsessed with the crochet-like design. Plus it’s neutral, so it will go with just about anything.

Okay, before you roll your eyes, you should know that these were only .25 cents. While I was working, my mom went garage sale shopping and asked if there was anything I was looking for. I asked her if she could snag any quirky sunglasses, and these are what she came back with.

The aviators are huuuuuge. They give off a ’70s feel, and I like the metal piece in the middle. While they’re not the ones that I’ll grab for first, they are fun to wear. My brother said I looked like a bee in them, and he’s totally not wrong. They make for a great statement piece for a summery outfit.

On the flip side, I got these wearable aviators from a garage sale too. They were $1, but I feel like that’s still a total steal. I figured they’d be perfect to slip on for vacation, and I wouldn’t have to worry too much if I forgot them somewhere or lost them in the water.

These were also originally from American Eagle too. While the other sunnies are pretty beat up, these are in great condition. Unlike the others, they’re also perfect for my small head. Aviators aren’t the most fun type of sunglasses, but they do look pretty good on me face shape.

If you guys saw my thrifted ’90s lookbook, then you’ll recognize these sunnies. What started as a pair of joke sunglasses to match the throwback era quickly turned into my new go-tos. I wasn’t lying when I said I had a love for the ’90s. They’re from Goodwill and look pretty darn good with modern outfits too.

Ready for the craziest part? I got all of these accessories for less than $9. If that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is! I’m sure you’ll be seeing these plenty of times in my upcoming vacation posts too.

What do you guys think of my mini haul? Are you guys interested in my garage sale finds or should I just stick to thrifting? Let me know in the comments. Oh, and be sure to follow me on Instagram to follow along with me on my vaca!






  1. Victoria

    Why are there no secondhand sunglasses from where I am??? I mean if there are, I can’t seem to find any. 😥 I have an addiction to sunglasses and I love every single one that you have here. OMG! ❤

  2. j_ivanna

    I love the last pair of sunglasses, I always wanted one like those, but those are one of the shapes that doesn’t look nice on me.

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