Thrifted ’90s Lookbook // What I’d Wear In The Decade

I will proudly admit that I am a ’90s kid. A scrunchy wearing, lip gloss-popping, Carmen Sandiego-finding ’90s kid. I love every single thing about the era. Everything from the accessories to the pop culture bring me so much joy. But when people tell me that the fashion from the era is back, I can’t help but shake my head.

Yes, I love chokers and platform shoes as much as the next person, but the styles around now aren’t as authentic as they were back then. I was born in ’93 — the last official year to claim the ’90s kid title. While I mainly stuck to peace sign shirts and overalls, I took all of the styles in around me.

My aunt was pretty much the queen of the ’90s. She used to wear leather pants, four inch platforms, and all the cheetah print. I loved seeing what she was going to wear, and she actually helped with the outfits for this post. If I were in the 20s in the ’90s, these outfits are exactly what I’d wear. Not the trends now, but authentic era gear.

Just like everything else in this post, every single item in this outfit was thrifted. The era was all about muted colors, tiny patterns, and round sunglasses. Oh, and see that “K” necklace? That’s straight out of the era, my friends! I dug into the back of my jewelry box to find the authentic item, which I was very proud of.

I would 100 percent wear this outfit again. The button-up jean skirt is totally on-trend again, and, not to toot my own horn, but I think I can pull off the print too. I got the sunglasses from Goodwill as a joke, but I actually ended up wearing them outside the post too.

As soon as I thought about doing this post, I knew I’d have to find the right floral print. A lot of people forget that it was one of the biggest trends of the decade. This skirt is just one of the many on-point color schemes. Pair that with a boxy tank, black, stretchy choker, and faux Madden slides, and you have the perfect replica outfit.

I feel like florals are so consistent in fashion that I could totally get away with wearing this again. The box white top? Not so much. I will however be rocking a stretchy choker until I die. Heck, I might just be buried in it. These shoes are also super comfortable, and I need them in every color like now.

Tell me that Tommy Hilfiger doesn’t remind you of the ’90s and you’d be lying. The denim is a no-brainer. Pair that with a striped, muted cotton dress, and you have a classic look. Although you can’t see it in the pic, I paired the look with a pair of sneakers, and, of course, a lip gloss ring, which basically transported me to the era.

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that never gets old, so I will definitely be wearing both of these items again. I actually picked up this dress because I was drawn to it, before I realized that it could work for the ’90s post. Not to mention that I’ve spent practically my entire thrifting career looking for the perfect jean jacket. I won’t be letting it out of my site for a while.

Before I even say anything about the post, I have two words for you — alien ring. I was obsessed with aliens in the ’90s, and this is a ring I used to wear all the time. Add to that a stretchy choker, quirky printed top, and denim shorts, and this would be my uniform of the ’90s.

Needless to say, if you see me on the streets this summer, there’s a good chance I’ll be wearing this exact outfit. I love everything about it. All it’s missing is a pair of platform sandals.

Of course, I could’ve added my collection of scrunchies and even more alien attire, but I figured these four outfits summed up what I would’ve worn pretty nicely. What did you like to wear in the era? What ’90s trends do you love now? Tell me all about it in the comments!



  1. janahpinku

    Tommy Hilfiger defined my understanding of fashion back then. My parents made me wear denim all the freaking time hahaha!

    Love your outfits, Kali! You bring justice to the 90s iconic style. 💕

  2. kittyp0p

    I’ve been loving florals (: and that jean jacket is PERFECT, so pretty with the striped dress too- I have one kinda like that. I’ve been trying to find a denim button-down skirt like that, but haven’t been able to pick up anything that fits juuuuuust right. Great post all in all xoxo

  3. K.M. Sutton

    First of all you almost ALMOST make me want to love the nineties again! Second, I love that you have the same feelings as I do. As a nineties kid, I HATE nineties fashion. I run not walk from it. I think in part not enough decades have past for it to make a comeback. (I am not THAT old!) But I won’t lie, Steve madden slides and scrunchies WERE my everything growing up. Oh my gosh that choker is giving me all the memories! I use to rock those. Nineties television was the best, and I always get kicks seeing the trends that were popular.
    All in all this post gave me all the feels and you rock those nineties trends well! ❤

  4. Amanda

    This was great to read, because I love 90s fashion. I feel like it has a bad rap with people though. People would prefer to forget the 90s fashion. You keep rocking those glasses and that scrunchy!

  5. TheFallibleQueen

    I love that cotton dress with the jean jacket. I definitely wore a lot of corduroy pants/jeans, my fair share of overalls, platform sandals and denim jackets. The trends I love now are the stretchy chokers, denim skirts, denim jean jackets, floral print skirts, corduroy skirts and overalls :). Your posts are so interactive, fun and well-written. I look forward to reading more.

  6. lifeofangela

    Yay for fellow 90s ladies! I was born at the tail end of 1991. I however was never aware of any fashion trends, as I let my mum dress me until well into high school which is the mid 2000s. And that was cause I wore a school uniform XD I’ve never been very fashion forward. You on the other hand, are rocking all the looks. Every single one 😀

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