I Need Your Fashion Advice!

Happy weekend, lovelies! I’m going to keep it short and sweet. As geeky as it sounds, there is nothing I love more than blog planning. I have some exciting things coming in the next few weeks, but before I start my planning I need some fashion advice…

Comment Below One [Or two, or three] items that you’d like to see me find at the thrift store.

I would be forever grateful, if you guys could help me out!


  1. Elsie LMC

    A Maxi dress that can be worn with a bomber jacket (im usually stuck wearing a jean jacket with them as it goes with everything but is getting boring 😂)and maybe a brooch/pin that is summery 😄 have a lovely day 💗

  2. Amelia in Hull

    Maybe some new tops? I really like tops that have the lace up bit at the front and tops that have that on the side (sorry if you have no idea what I’m talking about I don’t think I explained it very well!!) Also maybe some new shorts with embroidery on? 😊❤ xx

  3. ALOA (A Little Of All)

    I would advice a high wasted short, with a fancy crop top. Or maybe a jumpsuit. And I love to look for blouses, in my neighborhood they have so many cool designs of them. And you might like a jeans skirt. Sorry if this isn’t your type of fashion, I didn’t read enough of your blogs yet, to know you very well. But have fun with shopping and good luck! I’m excited for your blog about what you choose! ❤️

  4. lifeofangela

    Ooh, how about some accessories? Like light summery scarves, bracelets, necklaces, sunnies? I don’t know if you wear those much but it’d be cool to see what you can find 😀


    Sounds like a plan! Here we go…

    Nothing says style & thrift like a 2nd
    hand Leather (or faux) Black Jacket.

    How about a novelty baseball cap?
    (Yes we LOVE the Goofy one lol)

    3rd, choice would be a fun backpack.

    You always slay with your thrifting finds!
    Looking forward to what you discover.

    (p.s. when you go to Los Angeles you HAVE
    to go to the Fairfax Market @ Fairfax High
    School just off Melrose every Sunday. The
    best thrifting in LA Period, so many goodies!)

      1. 924COLLECTIVE

        Yes you will love it. Fairfax has a little bit of everything,
        great food, fashion, furniture, oddities, crystals, & best
        of all the $5 sunglasses boutique & vintage T-shirts.
        You easily spend 3 or 4 hours perusing the vendors.

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