ColourPop’s Blotted Lips // Review & Swatches

Hi, my name is Kali, and I am a ColourPop addict. Seriously, I think I need to go to makeup counseling over this company. From their branding to their constant new products and sales, I am absolutely obsessed. My most recent find is their Blotted Lips. After just a week of wearing them, I have officially declared them my lipstick of the summer.

ColourPop has pretty much ever lip formula you can think of, but this one is unlike any other. What so neat about Blotted Lips is that they leave a sheer, stain-like look on the lips with one layer, but they can easily be built up to look like a lipstick. I’ve been wearing them both ways and loving them.

I originally went to the site to try ColourPop’s Ultra Blotted Lips, which are somewhat of a lip gloss meets an oil. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I wanted to give them a try for myself. Unfortunately, they were all sold out during the free-shipping sale, so I’ll have to save them for another day. I’m glad that I stumbled upon the lipstick formula though.

I picked up the shades [from left to right] Sucker, Ice Cube, Drip, and Candy Floss. They’re not exactly the most luxe packaging, but it gets the job done. Each one is only $5 each (!!!), plus they were having a flash sale, so I got three of them for $4 instead. That’s on top of free-shipping and getting a free birthday eyeshadow.

This formula had been catching my eye for a while, and I timed up my buying perfectly. Not to mention that all of their products are gluten free, so I don’t have to worry about having an allergic reaction. While there are deep purple and red shades, I was a little afraid to try them. Now that I love the formula, I’ll definitely be stocking up on some bolder shades.

These swatches are three-layers, just to show how well the build up. When you put on the first layer, it looks like you sucked on a lollipop, but in a chic and sophisticated way. Each of the colors are extremely wearable and work with casual and dressy looks. I actually wore one of them with nothing but BB Cream and some mascara and it looked great.

They fade equally as beautiful too. Some lipsticks leave a giant ring around the mouth, but these seem to fade pretty evenly. They’re not transfer-proof, but they’re simple to reapply. That makes them the perfect no-fuss, summer product in my opinion.

These might not look the flashiest or most expensive, but they are top-shelf products. I love that the brand makes affordable makeup that actually works, so that everyone can get in on the fun. Trust me when I say that you need at least one of these shades in your summer makeup bag.

Have you tried ColourPop? What are your favorite products? I’d love to hear about other affordable brands that you like as well!




    1. Kali Borovic

      The Ultra Matte Lip paired with their Lippie Stix lasts FORVER! It doesn’t transfer, either. Their Satin Lip is probably the most comfortable though. Hope that helps! xx.

  1. Brittney Ross

    I’ve purchased a number of products from Colourpop and I’ve liked most of them! I love, love, love their highlighter in Flexitarian, and I love their Lippie Stix; my favorite is Lumiere, the Kathleen Lights’ collab, and I am obsessed. I usually put some sort of a gloss on the top because my lips are INSANELY dry so it helps to make it more comfortable to wear on my lips. xoxo

      1. Brittney Ross

        I haven’t tried the ultra blotted lips, but I do love their glosses! I’m planning on making a belated birthday order soon, so maybe I’ll throw some Ultra blotted lips in there (if they’re in stock)! xoxo

  2. procrastinatewithjade

    I love colourpop! I buy from them way to often for someone who doesn’t wear makeup that often!! 😬 I brought 2 of their blotted lips and ultra blotted lips for myself and 2 for my mum for Mother’s Day- we both really enjoy them! Good sheer look, nothing too dramatic!! 🙂

  3. TheFallibleQueen

    I haven’t bought anything from Colourpop in so long. I’ve tried their lippie stix, ultra satin lip, ultra matte lip and some of their super shock eyeshadows. If you want to try bolder lips, I recommend (L.A.X. or Rooch) for super shock eyeshadow I recommend (Beverly).

  4. K.M. Sutton

    If I wear nothing else on my face I will always wear lipstick (and/or gloss) and am always looking for a good brand. I will have to try these! Thanks sweets for the recommendation! ❤

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