My Boyfriend Thrifted My Weekend Outfits

Since you guys loved when my boyfriend picked my lipstick, I thought it would be fun to let him have some control over my wardrobe too. Let me just tell you that there is no bigger trust fall than giving your boyfriend free range to dress you for an entire weekend.

Normally, when I go thrifting, I’m with my mom or a friend. Chad has never made the jump into my little thrifting bubble. So as nervous as I was to give him free range, I was excited to give him a taste of what my hobby is like. When we walked into Goodwill I gave him three rules:

  1. Don’t make me look like an idiot.
  2. Try to find the best deal.
  3. Come up with a complete look.

Here’s the first thing he wanted me to wear…

I gave him clever points for that one, but you’ll be happy to know that it didn’t make the final cut.

They say that the people closest to you know you the best, but I quickly found that he had his own idea of what I should wear. I let him pile my arms with clothing for about ten minutes before I made my way into the dressing room.

We originally went into this thinking that he would thrift one of my outfits, but he actually ended up finding three looks that worked pretty well. Ready for the best part? We only spent $15!

I was actually really happy with this first look. He had a jean skirt picked out to go with the top, but it was a little too cold to wear it. I paired it with jeans instead, which ended up being a lot more me.

If I were to be shopping by myself, I would totally pick up this shirt. So there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be wearing it again. Major points to Chad on this one!

A form-fitted, high-slit maxi dress? I should have seen this one coming from a mile away. He was a little iffy about this option when he picked it out, but as soon as he saw it on, it was an instant buy. To be honest, it was kind of fun seeing him so excited about this one.

I would have never picked this dress for myself, but I ended up absolutely loving it. This was a bit more on the sexy side for the weekend, but I can totally seeing this being a summer date night look. Maybe he had that in mind the whole time.

The last outfit was more laid back than the others. Chad picked both the tank top and the jean shorts from Goodwill. I paired it with the bralette myself. He wasn’t as excited about this look as the other outfits, but I didn’t think it was too bad.

Considering that this top was only $1, I won’t take this as a loss. I can wear it again when the weather gets warmer, and I will definitely keep these jean shorts to wear all throughout summer. All in all, it’s not exactly my personal style, but it was comfortable.

What do you think? In my totally biased opinion, I think he did pretty well! Plus, we had a lot of fun doing it. Fingers crossed that he’ll be coming back to thrift with me soon!





  1. Melissa Gibbs

    Ohmygosh I love these posts with your boyfriend! It’s so cool that he’s on board with something you love doing and vintage shopping is such a cool economical/environmentally good hobby! That white top is gorgeous!!

  2. TheFallibleQueen

    I think he did a pretty good job too 🙂 That dress though is so cute. One of my favorite fashion pieces are maxi dresses for warmer weather. I look forward to seeing more posts like this Kali.

  3. Ella May Garrett

    This was such a unique idea, I love it! He did a great job – loooolll about the first top he wanted you to wear! I think you look amazing in the maxi dress, probably my favourite look of the three! xxx

  4. K.M. Sutton

    Major props to him (and you!) I am not so sure I would trust my man to pick my outfit out🤣😝 He did good! I love all these outfits and that shirt is so on trend right now!💗

  5. iwannabealady

    The dress is definitely my favorite. It fits you perfectly. Seeing how excited he was about it, maybe you should get a few more in that style. It really suits your body girl! And I don’t just mean for date night! 🙂

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