Wet N Wild’s Unicorn Collection // Review & Swatches

While I’m probably the latest person to jump behind makeup trends, the unicorn trend intrigued me. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I was all about the unicorn nail polish and unicorn snot lip gloss was pretty great too. But there is a time and place for every trend, and I just can’t get behind Wet N Wild’s Unicorn Collection.

I’m sad to say that I think my love for the unicorn trend might have died with this collection. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wet N Wild and some of these products are fun, but they’re trying a little too hard with this one. Of course this is all just my opinion, so if you’re still hooked on the trend, more power to you!

The price of their Unicorn Collection is affordable to say the least. You get nine products for just $25, if you buy the entire line. If you’re looking to experiment with fun products, it’s definitely worth it. They’re just not exactly the most wearable shades.

Wet N Wild was kind enough to send me this collection, and I was super excited when I received it. The launch had been hyped up on social media, so I was excited to try it before it came out on May 21. But when I tried the products, I was a little let down.

The part that intrigued me the most were the lipsticks. They came in two iridescent shades — blue and white. I would definitely purchase these myself. Although the packaging feels the cheapest, it’s actually the product that was most intriguing and had the most color pay off.

They might look like your typical lippies, but they come off so beautifully. They both have a pink-ish undertone and come off shiny but not shimmery. Honestly, it’s the most innovative part of the entire collection, if you ask me.

What isn’t innovative is their rainbow highlighter. In case you aren’t familiar, the Etsy brand Bitter Lace Beauty came up with the first rainbow highlighter and then tons of other brands jumped on the bandwagon. It’s upsetting to see so many brands copying one another.

Of course, there are going to be tons of different multi-colored highlighters on the market. But it’s a bummer to see them so literally replicating an indie brand‘s product. The other two shades are a bit more wearable. They also work really well on the eyes.

When it comes to the actual eye pigments, I was super excited to try them. I have a golden Wet N Wild loose pigment and it is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, these don’t apply so well. I was hoping to get a full pink, blue, and purple eye look, but it didn’t work out. These can be layered over a shadow, but don’t blend at all.

The one incredible part of the collection is the unicorn horn highlighter brush. It is phenomenal, not just for the price, but in general. This is the first time that I’ve tried their makeup tools, and it really makes me want to go stock up on the rest of them. If you don’t buy anything else in the line, buy the brush.

By no means do I want to seem like I’m bashing the brand, because I love Wet N Wild. This just wasn’t one of their best collections. It was almost like they saw the trend a little too late and needed to just throw something together.

As much as I wanted to love this collection, I had to be honest with you guys. If you’re looking to try the products for yourself, you can buy Wet N Wild’s Unicorn Collection on the Ulta website on May 21 or the brand’s website on May 22. You can buy all the products in a set or separately.

What do you guys think? Are you still hooked on the unicorn trend or should we leave it in the past? Please let me know about any other trends that you’ve been loving in the comments. I’m in desperate need of switching up my makeup routine and would love some recommendations.




  1. Tigritsa

    I love looking at the unicorn makeup in pictures but I just don’t find it wearable (for me) so I wouldn’t ever buy it. I do love the brush though! That is usable for sure!

  2. wormalblog

    This reminds me of the unicorn collection from tarte (just the general gist aha not the products)! I’m not that impressed with what Wet N Wild is putting out/: but I do think it’s cool how they stamped those lippies with a unicorn aha

  3. Invisibly Me

    I love the sound of this collection, even the name of it is appealing. Those lippies being iridescent certainly seem quite unusual, would love to give them a try though I’ve not come across the brand in the UK before. Will have to look into it! x

  4. klarabezha

    I just sought a review of this products in YOutube by Jeffre and i can say i definitely love the unicorn brush that is a trending concept by a drugstore brand.Regarding the highlighters i find them pretty but not suitable for a medium skin.

  5. ayrgalaxy

    I didn’t know WnW even had* a unicorn collection but it doesn’t look very unicorn-ish lol. And I agree, copying an indie brand’s idea, what a bummer. I recently found out about a week or two ago that Ulta has a rainbow highlighter too.. but anway, this collection doesn’t look very intriguing. At ALL.

  6. K.M. Sutton

    This is throwing me back to my nineties and early ’00 days when I used wet and wild. Did you try wetting the eye shadow? When I use to wear them, I would do that to get more of a color out of their eye shadows (and lord did I! It never wanted to come off!).
    While I find it intriguing, definitely NOT on the Unicorn train. Lol

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