Rainbow Lip Gloss // Forever 21 Beauty

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of lip glosses. There’s just something about the sticky, hair-stuck-to-lips feel that really throws me off. But when I came across Rainbow Lip Gloss, I knew I had to try it out. It’s too fun not to!

I’ve heard of multi-colored highlighters, but I had never seen a six-shade gloss before. I had so many questions that I just had to give it a try. It turns out Forever 21 has a few other quirky lip products as well. And all of them are for a great price.

Before I start the actual review, I should let you know that Forever 21 sent me these glosses to try. I am not getting paid by the company, and all opinions are my own. There are some good and bad things about these glosses, so let’s get started!

I won’t lie; as a grown adult, seeing Rainbow Lip Gloss took me back to my childhood a little bit. If you were to tell me 15 years ago that we’d have Unicorn Nail Polish and glosses with flowers in them, then maybe I would have been more okay with growing up. Was anyone else a fan of Lip Smackers and ring lip balms? I can’t be the only one.

The first thing I wanted to know was whether or not all the colors would blend together when the wand came out. Thankfully, all of the shades stay in place. But, unlike the packaging suggests, this is a clear lip gloss. I actually wasn’t too upset with that. There is a light purple-y sheen, but only if you look super closely.

As far as the actual lip gloss goes, I actually liked it a lot! It takes a lot for me to like a gloss, and our criteria might be different. Personally, I like a thin, super shiny lip that doesn’t feel sticky. That’s exactly what Forever 21’s glosses are like. This little Rainbow Lip Gloss has been living in my purse lately.

They can easily be paired on top of other lipsticks and liquid lips, but I prefer to wear it alone. I love the shine of it. It also doesn’t leave me feeling like my hair could get stuck to it at any give time. It fades nicely and it gets bonus points for being so fun to pull out of my purse.

Forever 21 was kind enough to send over some other quirky glosses too. Personally, I had no idea that Forever 21 has such fun beauty products. And all of them are in the $2 to $3 range. While these aren’t the most ground-breaking or innovative glosses I’ve ever tried, I’d say they’re definitely worth the price. Plus they look absolutely adorable.

Besides the Rainbow Lip Gloss, which is hands-down my favorite of the bunch, I really loved the Blossom Gloss. It has actual flowers in it and smells like watermelon. How can you beat this?! Unlike the tradition stick applicator, this one is actually a roll-on, which takes me right back to the ’90s.

Personally, the other two glosses were misses for me. The one with the balls in it was a little to thin and watery for me and the pink and blue one smelled way too strongly of cotton candy and went on a little too thick. [See, I told you I was picky!] For the price, it’s worth it to try it out for yourself though.

I think I’ll definitely be trying out more products from the brand from now on. The price is so affordable, that I don’t feel horrible when I end up not liking something. Did you know that Forever 21 is thinking of starting a beauty boutique? Rainbow Lip Gloss everywhere!

So what do you think! Would you try out the Rainbow Lip Gloss? I’d love to hear about any products that you’ve tried from Forever 21. Feel free to comment any other quirky products that you think I should try too!




  1. Melissa Gibbs

    That is so cool! Even now when I pass lipsmackers, I get so tempted xD And I’m totally like you with the sticky situation, that’s why I’ve always strayed away from lip glosses when I got older – but this rainbow looks so cool!

  2. Lee

    They all look so pretty especially the Blosson one!🌺🌸 I do really like the rainbow one too and the fact that it shows clear. I didn’t know they were thinking of a beauty boutique. That would be cool

  3. Maggie

    Oh goodness, I looooved Lip Smackers growing up! And I’m glad you’re enjoying these lip glosses so much; they look great 😍 For a while now, the only thing I’ve been putting on my lips are eos, haha, but these Forever 21 products look great! xx

      1. Maggie

        No problem! Well I’ve only tried their basic lip balms – blueberry açai and pomegranate raspberry have been my favorites! I’m surprised that the ones you’ve used have dried out your lips; the balms I’ve gotten keep my lips well moisturized. 🙂

      2. Maggie

        Aw that’s too bad. Maybe it’s just that my lips need a lighter product then yours do 🙂 EOS has lots of different lip balms, though!

  4. lifeofangela

    These look really cool! I love the Blossom one, I’m a sucker for all things floral. I still prefer lip balm over lip gloss though. I don’t like the feeling of something sticky on my lips…plus I’d start chewing it off within a few minutes XD (its a bad habit I’m trying to shake)

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