Ulta’s Lip Oils // My New All-Natural Lip Obsession

When it comes to lip products, I’m extremely picky. I want something that goes on at the beginning of the day and can stand it’s own until it’s time to re-apply during lunch break. So when I find a product that can do that, it instantly joins my top shelf. Ulta’s Lip Oils are a game changer, when it comes to no-fuss application. Think: the look of a gloss, the hydration of a chapstick, and no stickiness. The incredible scents don’t hurt, either.

I’ve tried many a glosses in my day, but I can’t seem to fall in love with any of them. I love the slick, wet look, but hate the feel. That’s where Ulta’s Lip Oils have come in. Technically, this lip product is an oil with a glossy finish, unlike other pigmented oils out there. It has natural fruit juice, vitamins a and e, and alaria esculenta extract. According to the Ulta website, the last ingredient is to condition and add anti-winkle benefits.

My mom scouted these out as we were looking through the store for something new to try, and I’m so glad she did. She said what drew her to them was the packaging, and I have to agree that the sleek and minimal design is right up my alley.

I have to admit, normally I don’t by Ulta Collection products. From the few that I’ve tried, they’re just not the greatest. But their Lip Oils are just as nice as they sound. There are six different flavors — Cranberry + Pomegranate, Black Raspberry, Green Tea + Avocado, Jojoba + Peach, Sweet Rose, and Coconut. I opted for the first three.

At $9 a piece, I didn’t want to buy too many of them, but now I’m really glad that I did. As of May 1, the store is having a buy two get one free sale on them, which helps the price. I also had the $3.50 off coupon and some extra reward bucks to put towards them, which made them super affordable.

The applicator isn’t the most innovative, but it does the job. Because it’s an oil, the flat, oval-shaped wand doesn’t really bug me. Because it is colorless, you can easily put it on without a mirror, so it’s not like you need anything precise anyways.

I’ve been dipping it in the lip oil, applying it to my bottom lip, and rubbing it in. I found that when I apply them to both lips, it can get a little too thick for my liking. What might be the best thing about this product is that you can layer it with a any other lip product and it will still feel as moisturizing and look glossy.

When I say this product has high shine, I mean it. Although each scent has a different color assigned to them, they all come off clear on the lips. So, basically, it just comes down to which one that you prefer to smell. Personally, I’m obsessed with the Green Tea + Avocado one.

It’s only been about a week since I picked this up, and they have already become everyday staples for me. I keep one in my car, one on my desk, and another on my bedside table. That’s how you know it’s good. Whether I’m wearing makeup or not, they look great and are really improving the feel of my lips.

I know that there are tons of other brands that have Lip Oils out as well. Because I’m so obsessed with these, I’m going to start trying out other brand’s as well. Have any of you fallen in love with an lip oils lately? I’d love for you to leave some recommendations below!




  1. Ema Brewer

    Oh my god!!! These look amazing!!! I’ve not tried a lip oil before and I like how they have an applicator instead of just using a finger or the actual bottle 🤔🤗 loved this post, definitely going on my wish list xx

  2. K.M. Sutton

    I am super intrigued by this! I am a lipstick and then slather lip gloss over it for maximum shone and color kind of girl (love buxom and Nars) but I am going to have to try these lip oils out! Thanks for sharing! 💗

  3. Brittney Ross

    Yaasssss!!! Not sure if you’ve seen my last post (from yesterday), but I asked people to share some of their must-have beauty products with me because I have some ULTA gift cards that i’m trying to spend from my birthday, I think I may just have to add these to my ridiculously full cart! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 xoxo

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