Blending Old & New // Florals At The Cleveland Museum Of Art

Okay, so I did something bad. I bought my first piece of non-purposeful clothing of 2017. I wasn’t going to style this shirt and show it on the blog, but this is real life. No one is perfect, and sometimes people slip. So, making the glass half full, I’m going to show you an outfit combining old and new.

It all started when I was shopping with my best friend, who needed some spring shirts. I made the mistake of browsing a little bit and going to the fitting room. Between the tassels and the cut out shoulder, I just couldn’t help myself! As soon as I bought this, I instantly regretted it. Then I realized that I shouldn’t beat myself up. What’s done is done, and it now lives in my closet with all my thrifted finds.

The floral printed shirt ended up being the perfect match for my new white skirt that you might have seen in my Spring Thrift Lookbook post. My friend and I set off to explore the Cleveland Botanical Gardens [hence the floral print], until we realized that it was closed. So onto the Cleveland Museum Of Art we went!

You guys already know that this skirt has quickly become one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. I’ve had so much fun pairing it with different tops. It looks just as good with heels as it does sneakers too, so I can already see it being my go-to skirt for summer. It doesn’t hurt that it was only $2.

As far as the shirt [which I will refer to as “she who shall not be named”], it really deserves a closer look. I don’t know what part is better — the gorgeous tassel detailing along the sleeve or the bright pattern. Here’s a close-up shot of the shirt, so you can decide for yourself.

Now do you see how it was so hard for me to pass up! Until now, I really haven’t had a problem with shopping with friends and not buying anything, but there was just something about this shirt. I love the way it looks with a plain white skirt, but it could easily be paired with skinny jeans for a casual night out.

But as great as this outfit looked, it doesn’t feel good knowing that I spent my hard earned money on something that is hurting the planet. From now on, I’m sticking to thrift shops where I can feel good about what I buy.

I can’t really call this outfit a work of art, but my friend and I did see a bunch of really great pieces on out trip. Although I live very close to Cleveland, this was my first time going to the museum. I don’t know a lot about art, but my friend knows a bit about post-modernism art, so that’s where we spent most of our time.

Oddly enough, I was drawn to some of the frames of the photos more than the actual pictures. But here are some of the piece that caught my eye the most. Let me know if you want to see more photography on the site! I’d love to incorporate more into my pieces.




  1. Lee

    Your style is unique, truly your own which makes it beautiful💕 oh and inexpensive is always a plus👍🏽 the art museum looks lovely

  2. stashy

    I really like the photos of you standing in front of the various masterpieces with your back to the camera! They have a surreal feel to them. 🙂 And cute outfit too.

  3. K.M. Sutton

    Sometimes we have to splurge and this alright. Your shirt is stunning on you and you styled it so well. Definitely worth the treat! 🙂 and I loved your pictures! Museums are so fun! 💗

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