Sunshine Blogger Award II // Get To Know Me

You guys already know what I wear and what beauty products that I use, but awards bring us all a little closer. I’m really excited for you to get to know me better. This is my second nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award, and I’m so excited to answer more questions. [I’ll link the first one here.] I love that these posts change with every person that nominates you.

Speaking of, I was nominated by the wonderful Naly of It’s Naly blog. She writes incredible posts on everything from makeup to photography, and her skills are incredible. [See her pictures here, if you don’t believe me.] Thanks so much for the nomination, and for writing some really amazing questions!

The rules of the award are to thank the person who nominated you [done!], answer the 11 questions, and pick ten people to answer your 11 questions. So without further ado, let’s get to the fun part!

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

READ! I have no many books on my to-read list and don’t seem to have enough time to get them all finished. I would stay up reading all night, if I didn’t have to sleep.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing you own / owned?

I got the sweetest little purple and maroon dress when I went to Rome, and it makes me smile every time I see it. I don’t wear it often, but it’s still my favorite.

What fictional place would you most like to go?

This one’s a no-brainer for me. I would travel to Wonderland! Alice In Wonderland is my all-time favorite movie, and I’d love to meet all the characters — even if that means falling down the rabbit hole.

What is the most annoying habit that other people have?

Fidgeting. It’s drives me crazy! Especially if they’re sitting next to me.

What do you consider to be your best find?

Can I say my boyfriend? I really lucked out with him, haha. But other than that, probably a skirt I found at Salvation Army that turned out to be worth a lot. A post on that is coming soon!

What shows are you into?

I just watched #GirlBoss on Netflix, and I’m obsessed. I think I’m going to watch it again!

What’s your favorite genre of book or movie?

I love thriller books, but hate thriller movie. I love rom-com movies, but hate romance novels. I make no sense, haha.

What one thing do you really want but can’t afford?

I’m obsessed with the Gucci Soho Leather Disco Bag in blush pink, but that’s not happening any time soon.

As the only human left on Earth, what would you do?

I’d walk a lot. That’s kind of a boring answer, but I’d want to explore everything and anything on foot.

What do you wish your brain was better at doing?

Remembering! I’m the most forgetful person when it comes to facts and names. If anyone knows how to improve that, let me know!

If life is a game, like some people say, what are some of the rules?

Don’t cheat, take your time, have fun, and get $200 ever time you pass go.

Shout out to Naly, because I loved those questions! So much fun. Here are the people that I tag and the questions for them. I hope you have as much fun doing this tag as I did!

1. If you were a character in a book, who would it be?

2. WOuld you rather have to wear the same outfit forever or the same makeup forever?

3. If it could only be one season, which one would you pick?

4. Coffee or tea?

5. What’s your dream profession?

6. What’s something that not many people know about you?

7. If you could go back in your life and change one thing, what would it be?

8. What was your favorite clothing item as a kid?

9. What is your favorite clothing item now?

10. Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

11. If you could change your name, what would you pick?

I nominate…

Absolutely Olivia, Golden Pink Journal, Life Of Angela, Ankhor You, Ella May Garret, The Fallible Queen, Aperture & Wanderlust, The World Of Fritters, Ampersand, Charlotte Amanda, Lace And Flannels




  1. janahpinku

    Loved reading this! And I love your answer to what would you do if you were the only human on earth. Yes, walking is the best way for exploration especially if no one else is around. 💕

  2. K.M. Sutton

    Oh my fosh thank you so much on the nomination and congrats on yours! I loved reading your answers! I use to have a pin, that said, “So many books, so little time.” It is so true! There are so many good books to read! I can not wait to answer your questions! I hope you have an amazing day!💗

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