Girls Night Out // The Outfit Costs Less Than The Drink

Thrifting has always been a hobby of mine. A way to pass the day with my mom or find great items for the upcoming season. But now that I have made it a point to live purposefully, my hobbies have turned into an everyday lifestyle. So when my friend asked if I wanted to go grab a drink with her, I did what any normal personal would do — go out and find an outfit to wear. The only difference was that I went to the thrift store instead of the mall.

This was the first time that I went into a thrift store with the end-goal to find a specific outfit. It’s not that I didn’t have things I could wear, but getting a new outfit is fun, even if its secondhand. I had exactly one day before the girls night out, which meant that I was frantically going through racks to find the perfect outfit. Just as I was about to give up and settle for a sub-par thrifted look, I found this gorgeous black and white floral print jumpsuit that just happened to be my size.

By now, it should come as no surprise to you that I love a good deal. But this one takes the cake. I got my jumpsuit for… drumroll, please… $1!

It’s not often that a jumpsuit fits my short little self so perfectly, but this one and I were meant to be. It was perfect for a springtime night out and I can see myself getting so much wear out of it throughout summer as well. My friend and I went to a martini bar for our girls night, and the drink cost me $8. That’s the price of eight jumpsuits, people!

Even if you factor in the shoes and the earrings, which are also thrifted, the total of this outfit hits $3.50. Of course, that’s not including the jean jacket I threw on when it started to rain, but it’s still a pretty freaking good deal.

Of course, finding the right outfit is way less important than spending some quality time with my friend. It was nice to get complimented on my look though. Especially knowing that it would cost less than my tip for the night.

That’s one more major perk of living purposefully. I’m able to put my money into experiences and not things. I didn’t stress out over an $8 drink or question the ordering of a second round of appetizers, because I can save my money for nights like this. It feels really great. Adding another fabulous look to my closet doesn’t hurt, either.

I love knowing that when I need an outfit for an upcoming event, I’ll more than likely find something at the thrift store. It takes a little more time and imagination, but it’s totally worth it in the end. Especially when you can find such an amazing deal.

What thrifted outfit ideas would you like to see? I’m constantly picking up new things, and I’d love to hear what trends you guys are interested in!




  1. lifeofangela

    I love when you find something perfect in a thrift store. It can take ages, but then sometimes you’re rewarded with something awesome and suits you perfectly. You hit the jackpot with the jumpsuit! 😀

  2. K.M. Sutton

    Right away I loved the caption of this! Some how finding that perfect piece for a steal always makes me love it that much more! And I love your jumpsuit! Ironically I have had more luck finding jumpsuits then I have finding a romper, which makes no sense lol. Hope you have a great day! 💗

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