Spring Lush Haul // Bath & Beauty Products

There are a few things that I love most when it comes to beauty products — all natural, cruelty free, and purposeful morals. Let’s call it my holy trinity of beauty buying. Lush has all of that and even more. The Canadian-based bath and beauty brand makes all their products in-house with ingredients that you would find in your fridge. It’s pretty darn incredible.

So when I saw a big pile of Lush products in my Easter basket, I freaked out, and not just because of the bath bombs. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good bath more than you probably know, but I love trying out Lush’s beauty products as well. Let me know if you want me to test out their makeup for a post!

But for now let’s get to the goods. Lush has an incredible Easter line out. It’s filled with bunny-shaped items and gift baskets, but I got some stuff from Lush’s original line as well. So you can shop most of these items all year ’round, and not have to worry about them being discontinued.

The one thing you can’t buy at any time of the year is the Golden Egg bath bomb melt. It’s scented like honey-toffee and leaves your skin shimmering — literally. I used this last year and my mom asked why it looked like Kesha threw up in her bathtub. So be prepared for the glitter!

I think I might like the bath bomb melts better than the bath bombs. They have the same yummy scents, but leave my skin feeling so incredibly soft for days. Although the glitter can sometimes be a pain, these two melts are definitely worth the buy.

As you’ve probably seen, if you follow my posts, I’ve been obsessed with nail care lately. So when I saw this next item in the basket, I instantly whipped it out to try it. Drumroll, please… Cuticle Cream!

I had no idea that Lush even made this item, so it was a nice surprise. I’ve been using it before bed every night and it’s making my nails feel great. I haven’t been getting hangnails anymore, either. Not to mention that the amount of product you get is well worth the price.

There was also Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub in the basket, which I was pleasantly surprised to see. I love a good lip scrub! Although the scent is limited edition for Easter, they have a few others that are in-shop regularly.

Like I said before, the bath melts are my absolute favorite things about Lush. They don’t come in just bath bomb form though. The brand makes these little waxy-feeling circles that you can drop in as well.

Floating Island is my favorite one. It’s got sandalwood oil, vanilla bean, and lemon oil that leaves the bath smelling incredible. Then there’s cocoa and shea butter that leaves skin super soft. Pair that with the Caramel Soap, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate bath time.

But, of course, what would a Lush haul be without bath bombs? Incomplete, that’s what! I got a few of those in my basket as well. The Butterball Bath Bomb is my all-time favorite scent one, so I got two of those. The first one is the normal one that you can get all-year ’round and the second one has glitter in it.

I also got a green Galactic Bath Bomb. When you put this one in the water, it instantly fizzes up and leaves a beautiful, somewhat citrusy smell to the entire room. Because it’s so big, I always save it for when  want a really good, long soak.

I haven’t done a Lush haul in a while, so this holiday stock-up was exactly what I needed. I got everything on my wish list and so much more! Lush has this awesome program where if you recycle your containers, they give you a free face mask. I think after this haul I’ll have enough to finally get one.

What are your favorite Lush products? Let me know in the comments, so I can try them out!



  1. Lee

    Kesha threw up in the bathtub😂😂
    Chocolate lip scrub though?!?! That sounds yummy lol I’ve been using organic honey and brown sugar for a home made scrub.

  2. stashy

    Haha what your mom asked about the Golden Egg, “why it looked like Kesha threw up in her bathtub”. XD
    The LUSH Lemony Flutter is a really nice cuticle cream!

  3. yasminedaisy

    I love their skin care range! Vanishing Cream moisturiser leaves my skin feeling super soft. I would definitely recommend it! Also a big fan of their bubble bars; nothing beats a nice bubble bath!

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