Thrifted Jean On Jean // A Night At The Auction

Some people have hobbies like sewing or running. I, on the other hand, like to go to auctions. I’m talking loud, fast-paced, wave your number in the air auctions. It’s not exactly the most common way to spend a night, but I love it! You can find little [and big] treasures that are completely original, and a lot of the time it’s at a great price.

I usually go to the auction house in my town, but this time we decided to venture out a bit. My mom, grandma, and I traveled about 40 minutes away to go to a place called Big Bertha’s Auction House. It’s one of my favorite places. There’s big things that get auctioned off in the beginning and boxes filled with tiny things later on. It’s an entire night of fun. You just have to pay attention to where you’re waving!

Auctions aren’t an event to dress up for, but I thought it was a great time to test out my new denim shirt. Anyone that knows me knows that I wear a whole lot of denim, but this top has little embroidered details around the color and sleeve that made it a little different than my others. I’ve been slowly dipping into the embroidery trend lately, and I’m loving it.

Now for the fun part — the finds! Ever since I went to the teahouse with my friend, I’ve been on a hunt for a teapot of my own. Well, guess what. I finally found the perfect one! The teapot is covered in pink floral print and it has matching teacup and saucer.

Of course, it would be great to have an entire set, but I’ll take what I can get. Looks like it’s just a tea party of one for now! There were other really gorgeous tea cups, but I someone out-bid me.

How adorable is that! It even came with a little golden sugar spoon with a tea pot on the end. Normally, the little items at auctions are bundled together, so I also got a little sugar and milk dish as well. I bid $12.50 for the set, which you really can’t beat.

This is why I love auctions so much. You can find great items for next to nothing. Not to mention that I got to spend a whole night with my mom and grandma. We made some friends and got some great pieces. What more can you ask for?!



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