Spring Super-Food Nail Polish // Nails Inc. Acai Bowl Collection

I eat pretty healthy, but I will admit that I could do better. But this spring, while I’m adding superfoods to my diet, I’ll be adding them to my nail routine as well. Yes, you read that right. Nails Inc. Acai Bowl Collection isn’t just inspired by the breakfast food’s color, it’s made with superfoods too.

When you think of the ingredients acai, chia, goji, moringa, and cacao, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t nail polish. But that’s exactly what’s in this collection. Inspired by acai bowls [basically, fruit topped smoothies], Nail Inc.’s spring line has four bright colors all made with superfoods that you’d find in the breakfast food.

First of all, these colors are incredible. Honestly, I could live off these four colors all spring and summer long. There’s a pastel pink and purple polish, which I have been loving lately, a bright pop of pink, and a classic red. Not only are the colors great on their own, but they look great together too.

You might be wonder why the heck you’d need superfoods for your nails. Well, it turns out that it strengthens and lengthens nails. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I just found a great nail serum, so this in combination with that is nail nourishment to the extreme.

Normally, I stick to the basic single color nail look, but I was really inspired when these arrived at my doorstep. I opted for pink with purple tips for my fingers and reversed for my thumb. I think the look would look great with light and bright pink as well. Who knew all it would take was superfood polish to get me out of my routine!

Although this isn’t branded as a long-wearing collection, I found that it lasts almost a week on my nails — even when I do multi-layer designs. That’s a whole lot longer than most polishes out there. The brush is also a bit shorter than other wands, but the cap is curved, so it sits in your hand perfectly.

The spring set is limited edition, but it’s currently available on the Sephora and Nails Inc. websites. Now that I’ve tried these shades, I’m dying to get my hands on some of their other products. They have everything from nail masks and matcha-infused metallics to spray-on polishes and superfood nail oils.

Which nail product would you like to see me try out? I’m really loving the healthy nail trends lately, so I’m open for any recommendations!



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