Thrifted City Style // A Day Downtown

When people ask me where I’m from I instantly say “Cleveland.” The truth is that I technically don’t live in the city. I’m about 35 miles away in a small town where the only “busy” part of town is the one and only gas station or the football field on game night. So when I get to spend a day in the city, I make the most of it.

After weeks of wishing, this weekend finally brought some spring weather. It was about 70 degrees and sunny, so my family and I decided to go into Cleveland to walk around and get some lunch. It was one of the best days that I’ve had in a long time. I got some family time in and the sun felt so great.

I also got the opportunity to style one of the pieces I picked up on my latest thrift haul. What I love about the city is that you can wear anything and feel right at home. No one’s staring at you for looking a little different, unlike my small town. So I took the opportunity to try a trend I’ve been dying to get in one — dress with sneakers.

When I picked up this dress from the thrift store, there was still snow on the ground. I figured I wouldn’t be able to wear it for a while [thanks, Ohio weather], but it definitely paid off. The black and white stripes are perfect for any season and the leaf-like overlap in the front adds a bit of style. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it was only $1.99.

I paired it with my knock-off white sneakers and my jean jacket. Although the jacket wasn’t thrifted — it was from the pre-purposeful living days — you could easily find a secondhand one. It ended up being the perfect look for today. It was extremely comfortable and great for walking around.

I kept the accessories to a minimum for my city day. I don’t like bringing too much into town, because I don’t want to be too flashy or carry that much. I opted for my go-to bag that doubles as a wallet and some sunglasses. Simple, sweet, and to the point.

If any of you know a great place to get sunnies, let me know! I realized today that I need to really invest in a pair of polarized glasses. I was squinting through these Old Navy ones. Since I’ve got a lot of summer adventures planned, I want to get a jump start on it!

There was one more detail that was too good to leave out — my whatever forever pin. I am a ’90s-child through and through, so this was a must have for me. I told you guys that I love pins!

I really wish I was into vlogging, because today would have been a great day to take you all with me! Until I get brave enough to share my daily stories with everyone, here’s a small look into my walk around Cleveland.

I’ve really been loving trying out fast-fashion trends with thrifted items. The sneaker and dress combo is definitely going to be my go-to for spring. At first I was thrown off by the look, but it really ended up paying off in the end — especially with all the walking.

I’m making it a goal this season the wear more dresses and skirts, along with trying more trends out. What are some of your favorite spring trends to wear? I’d love to hear them for inspiration!




  1. Melissa Gibbs

    Totally relate with the not-exactly-living-in-the-city thing :p I love this trend but I’ve been too scared to do it. I’ve only tried it with a circle skirt before! Your style is so cute! 🙂

  2. brownkittycat

    I love all the pictures in this post! And that dress is such a good basic as well😻

    Also thank you for dropping by my blog and the follow! I followed you back as I love your blog too 💕

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