Essential Oil Skincare // DIY Face Oil & Spot Treatment

I’ve done a whole lot of research on all-natural skincare this past month. After testing tons of different brands and finding a skincare routine that I love, I realized that all the best products had the same thing in common — they’re all made with the most basic ingredients.

Then it hit me. I could save so much money and time if I just made my own products. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of essential oils. I’ve been using them for a while now and have been taking some online classes about how to use them to their fullest potential. So I started testing out different blends.

After using my DIY skincare for about three weeks now, I can already see a difference in my skin. My main problem is texture and blemishes, and these all-natural products fixed both of those issues. I’ve even had people comment on how great my skin has looked. That’s when you know it’s good.

After talking to numerous oil-gurus and dermatologists, I came up with three DIY products that I really love — face oil, spot treatment, and face mist.

Face Oil

If you’ve been following my skincare journey, you already know that I love a good face oil.  What I love about making my own is that I can personalize it to fit my own skin needs. It’s a whole lot easier than searching for the perfect one. For my face oil I used…

5 drop geranium, 4 drops grapefruit, and 12 drops lavendar

I mixed it into a rollerball with Grapeseed Oil. You can use whatever carrier oil you want. I choose to use Grapeseed because it is packed with vitamin e, which is great for your skin.

Spot Treatment

When I first made this, I was using it as a spot treatment, and it worked really great. Then came a whole slew of blemishes [thanks a lot, gluten], so I was using it as a moisturizer. However you decide to use the product, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s what’s in it…

Two Tbs. coconut oil, 10 drops tea tree, and eight drops lavender

While you won’t see me using this as a daytime moisturizer — the coconut oil is just too oily — I do love it for nighttime. The lavender is also great because the smell helps me fall asleep at night.

Face Mist

Mists have been my latest skincare obsession. It’s just so easy! There’s everything from collagen sprays to hydration, but mine does a little bit more of that. This recipe is for hydration and blemishes. It has…

Half water, half rose water, 12 drops tea tree, 6 drops geranium, 6 drops lavender, and 4 drops grapefruit

The rose water is a great way to add hydration into your beauty routine. I decided to go one step further and add tea tree for blemishes, geranium to balance hormones, lavender for skin irritations, and grapefruit because it smells fantastic.

You can’t fight results, people. I can personally guarantee that essential oils will change your life. And, more importantly, your skin. Please let me know if you plan to try these recipes out. This is the first time I’ve done DIY on the blog, so I’d love some feedback!



  1. Jaimie johnson

    I absolutely love using Frankinscense and Purification for my blemishes. Also, I just made make up remover pads using lavender, alcohol free witch hazel and almond oil. They work soooo good!! Thanks for the tips!

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