Closet Clean Out & Decorative Storage Ideas

The first day of spring is finally here! Unfortunately, there’s still snow on the ground in Northeast Ohio. Instead of spending my weekend outside, I got a jump on some spring cleaning. Not the most fun, but it was definitely needed. Plus I won’t have to do it when [or if, for that matter] it starts to finally get warm and spring-like.

The Great Closet Clean Out didn’t actually take as long as I thought it would. I had a great system going [which I’ll explain below]. Because I had most of the day left after going through my closet, I decided to make the most of my storage as well.

When it came to the Great Coset Clean Out, I decided to do a little Marie Kondo meets Kali Borovic [me] technique. It ended up being quick and, besides having to carry all my clothes to the bed and back, almost painless. When it comes time for Great Closet Clean Out 2k18, I’ll be doing it the same way. So I knew I had to share my process with you.

1. Put everything from your closet onto your bed.

This one isn’t rocket science. If everything is on your bed, then you’re forced to finish the task. I learned this from a fellow blogger, and would definitely recommend to everyone.

2. Think about who you want to be.

You want to dress for the person you want to be — not the person you were. All of those old college outfits? Throw them out. The favorite items that don’t really fit you anymore? Give them a new home. If you dress for the person you want to be, you’ll have fun getting dressed in the morning.

3. Split your clothes between Summer and winter.

I had been putting everything I owed into one, color-coordinated pile. it was great when I wanted to find a specific shirt, but not great when the seasons changed. When I started going through my clothes, I forgot I even had some of the items, because they were hiding behind big sweaters. Not a problem anymore!

4. Organize into three piles.

The first pile is for keep. Either set them to the size or add them to your closet right away. The second is for giveaway — the items that get a new home. Lastly, make a mend pile. While I was trying different items on, I found a bunch of well-loved clothing that needed mended. Now I can fix them and not have to worry about finding a hole after I put it on.

The Great Closet Clean Out 2k17 was the quickest one yet. I really think it was because I did my research and planned ahead before just gutting my closet. Because it was so successful, I decided to work on my storage options as well.

I still live at home, so I have exactly one room and one closet to fit all of my stuff into. It’s no easy feat. But I have found really great ways to store items like books and beauty tools that look great and makes sense. It’s easier to show you than tell you.

I’m working on not being attached to too many things, so the items that I do keep are meant to be the most meaningful. While I could do with a few less bags and magazines, the rest make for great decorative pieces. I store my notebooks in a mini-greenhouse that I restored, my books around my room as various stands, and my favorite hat as an art piece.

I would love to hear Your small-space storage tips too! How do you keep all of your treasured items stored and out of the way? In the meantime, happy spring, everyone!



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