Snacks Make The Best Accessories // Wilde Bars

I’m not too proud to admit that I love snacks. Whether it’s stopping for something small with a friend or just picking up a munchie while I’m working on the blog, these foods are some of my favorites. So much so, that if I ever did a what’s in my purse challenge, you’d probably see more snacks than beauty products. [Hmm.. maybe I should do that.]

For March’s journey to a more purposeful life, I’ve been working on food. I knew that giving up meat wasn’t an option for me, at least not right now. I have too many other food restrictions [dairy and gluten] that I still don’t have a complete handle on. I did realize that I could be making better choices though.

I’ve started shopping a lot more local and picking up my meats from local places, where I know they were raised right. What I mean by that is that they weren’t pumped with hormones [good for me] and that they were free range and loved while they were alive [good for them]. That’s where Wilde Bars comes in.

These snack bars combine my love for snacking with safe, healthy, meat alternatives. Eventually, I would love to go vegetarian, but for now this is a great option. All the snack bars are made in the USA and have ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Because these products comes from a small farm, all animals were free-range and given a full, healthy life too.

It’s not often that me [trying to live a more purposeful life] and my boyfriend [training for the NFL] find a snack that we can both enjoy. That’s how you know that it’s good.

On top of all that goodness, they’re also gluten and GMO-free. Not to mention they have some really great flavors — cranberry & sage, maple & blueberry, peach BBQ, and sweet thai basil. My personal favorite is the cranberry sage, but my boyfriend always goes for the thai basil.

I’d like to warn that these are super filling though. Because they’re made with great and thoughtful ingredients, it will hold you over a lot longer than any other protein bar will. I like to slip these in my purse when I’m working out of the house for the day or taking and adventure day. The only thing I can think that would make this product even better is if the packaging was compostable.

If you’re still a meat eater, you need to try out these snacks. On my way to living purposefully, I realized that sometimes it’s not about taking big steps — like going vegetarian of vegan right away. It’s about making more thoughtful daily choices too.

One day I hope to be completely vegetarian, but for now this is my baby step. It’s something I feel good about buying and eating. That doesn’t mean that it stops here.

Please let me know if you liked this post! I know I’m mainly fashion & beauty, but if you want to go on my purposeful eating journey with me, I can post more about that too!



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