My Favorite All-Natural Makeup Brand // 100 Percent Pure

During the last two and a half months, I’ve done tons of research and tried a whole lot of all natural makeup brands. There’s been drugstore finds, high end companies, and everything in between. I think I can finally say that I’ve found my favorite all-natural makeup brand.

And the winner is… drumroll please… 100 Percent Pure! This should come as no surprise, since the brand is in my everyday skincare routine. It’s also showed up on my social media multiple times. Basically, it knew it was my favorite before I even did.

How do I know it’s my favorite, you ask? Well, for starters it’s up front and center on my makeup table. Without even thinking, these are the products I reach for on a daily basis. They’re also the only brand that I’ve repurchased already this year. It’s not only my favorite all-natural brand, either. It’s my favorite makeup brand. Period.

Picking a favorite from this brand is kind of like asking me to choose a favorite child. As much as I love them all, there’s one that just stands out in my mind. [Hehe!] Their Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation is the best foundation that I’ve ever tried.

When I take a look at all my foundations on my makeup table, this is the only one that’s almost gone. [See before and after pictures to see the proof.] It’s colored from fruits and vegetables rather than synthetic dyes and is packed with antioxidants, super fruits, and vitamins.

Before I tried this, I was afraid of full coverage foundations. They made me look cakey and unlike myself. This one completely changed the game for me. It’s so buildable and can easily go from medium to full coverage with one pump. I would suggest setting it with a powder though.

Another standout in the collection is the Black Tea Fruit Pigmented Mascara. It’s made with, well, black tea and other goodies like cocoa powder, lavender honey, and ground coffee. Because when you can sneak coffee into your beauty routine, it’s all the more better.

The mascara smells amazing because of all of the fruit packed inside and it really does work. It’s not exactly sweat proof, but it makes my lashes longer and stay on all day long. If you think going natural is hard needs to try this mascara, and you’re opinion will completely change.

Just like my favorite skincare brand — Herbivore Botanicals — I’ve never found a 100 Percent Pure product that I didn’t love. Their bronzer is amazing and their BB cream is just as amazing as the foundation. I would recommend this brand to friends, family, and, most imortantly, all of you!

Whether you’re looking for lazy day products or looking your best for a night out, 100 Percent Pure will have your back. Simple as that — pun intended.



  1. uncoindepaix

    Loved this post! The makeup looks amazing 🙂
    If you like all natural makeup you should definitely try the brand Arbonne, it’s 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan! I personally love it 🙂 xx

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