Face Oils // The First Step To All Natural Skincare

When I first started my transition to all-natural beauty products, I had no idea where to start. It can be pretty intimidating to toss everything you already use in the trash and start over. Not to mention how pricey it can get. That’s why I reached out to some all-natural experts for some guidance.

I reached out to friends and family. While they had great brands and specific products to try, they couldn’t actually give me the tips that I needed to start making the switch. Thankfully, I had a contact for an all-natural guru, who helped me work on a Bustle piece, so I reached out to her.

My all-natural beauty gurus name is Leilah Mundt. She’s the founder and CEO of Crème Collection — a company that creates and curates beauty products. Mundt gave me some amazing tips that completely geared my journey in the right direction. They’re so good that I thought I’d share them.

The first tip was to start with skincare. Specifically, oils.

“Don’t get overwhelmed,” Mundt suggested. “Make a few clean beauty swaps to start, then move onto a few more. Make [best] friends with oil. It is easy and fun, and you will never go back to chemicals once you find your new, natural heroes.”

Spoiler alert: she was right! I could see a change in my skin’s texture and hydration just a few days after I switch my typical moisturizers with oils. Now I’m completely obsessed with the little drops of goodness.

At first I was skeptical about trying oils. I have combination skin with blemishes, so I was worried that the oil would make my natural oils and breakouts even worse. I was wrong. The magic of oils are real, my friends.

My all-time favorite oil that I’ve come across is Herbivore Botanical’s Lapis Oil. It’s pricey, but it’s worth every single penny. It’s made for combination, blemish prone skin. The entire line of skincare is amazing [more to come on that later], but the Lapis Oil is my favorite.

I put this on at night after I’ve washed and scrubbed my face and used a mask. My skin is super sensitive to anything that I use now that I’m GF, and I find that I’m getting texture more than I used to. This oil clears it right up.

My daytime combination is all about Argan Oil. Although I do occasionally use them at night, when my skin needs the extra hydration, I find that this combination works really well underneath my makeup.

If you’re going to spring for one or the other, I’d go with the Argan Oil rather than the milk. You can put it in your hair, on your cuticles, and even mix it in with your foundation. The latter is my personal favorite to use it. Argan gives the skin a hydrated glow without looking like you’ve been smothered with it.

Other honorable mentions are Manuka Doctor’s Replenishing Facial Oil, which completely brings my skin to life, and Ogee’s Jojoba Restore Facial Oil. I haven’e been using Ogee’s long enough to give a review, but my skin’s liking it pretty well so far.

Do you have any oils that you love? Leave them in the comments, so I can add them to my collection!



  1. angelapauly

    I’d suggest Prim Botanicals. Their face oil is amazing – and they have these great “potions” that boost it. In fact, all their products are pretty amazing and smell divine. I also have the hair oil and the Hey Now lip sheen.

  2. Habitstoglow

    Such an awesome post! Will definitely try the herbivore facial oil after my current one finishes! I’ve been using 100% rosehip oil currently and it’s great!

    Stay Pretty,
    Christabel | habitstoglow.wordpress.com

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