Fashion That Fights Back // Make Your Wardrobe Matter

As a fashion and beauty writer, I have gotten an up close and personal look at how clothing shapes our lives. It’s not just what we wear that matters, but where that money goes. The whole concept of mindful buying matters now more than ever.

You are what you wear. With every purchase you make, you’re supporting a set of morals and beliefs as well, Whether you realize it or not, the item you buy says more than just, “I look great.” Especially in this political climate. We live in a time where you can make a donation to a charity in danger and get a fashion item at the same time. What a time to be alive.

But all jokes aside, the fashion industry has been making some major statements lately. I have jumped right on that sartorial bandwagon too. On my journey to live more purposeful, I’m starting to realize that making a wardrobe matter is no easy feat. You’ve probably already seen my thrift store haul, which is a great way to give back and shop. Shopping small, making powerful purchases, and giving back are just a few other ways to make your clothing speak for you.

I found this shirt on an Etsy site. There are about a million different “future is female” clothing items, but after searching for a while, I decided on a small shop that stood for what I believed in and had really great designs. It was the best of both worlds.

I feel great when I’m in this shirt. It’s plain enough to go with tons of different sweaters, accessories, and colors. Plus it also makes a powerful statement. Add to that the fact that I’m supporting small business, and this it’s a purchase I didn’t feel guilty about at all.

While I was working on making my clothing matter, I also focused on some statement accessories. I’m not talking about your typical bulky necklaces and colorful earrings. I mean pieces that will speak for themselves.

The “nasty” bracelet is from Stella And Bow. It’s gold plated, has fresh water pears, and, most importantly, all proceeds go towards Planned Parenthood. It’s a donation and a gift all at the same time. Not to mention you get a little girl power reminder every single time you put it on.

When I saw this shirt from Everlane, I couldn’t pass it up. The shirt has gotten a lot of press lately and for a good reason. Not only does the tee donate money to the ACLU with every purchase, but it’s a reminder that we are all more the same than we are different. What’s better than protecting human rights and looking great? Nothing.

There are tons of great clothing items out there that give back and look great too. These are just a few of the ones that I could afford and that fit my personal style the best. I’m not saying that my entire wardrobe makes an impact yet, but it’s definitely on it’s way.




  1. brooke@foodandfunstuff❤️

    I love those pieces! You inspire me to not be afraid to stick up for what I believe in! I also REALLY want to become a journalist or news reporter when I get older!☺️💕

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