Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer Drops & Highlight Palette

When it comes to highlighters, I normally stick to the subtle glow. Just a little something that catches the light to get a glow-from-within type look. But that all changed when I got my hands on the three new Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops. These little darlings are liquid gold in a bottle, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to bathe in them.

It’s worth mentioning that, unlike the rest of the products on my blog, the Custom Enhancer Drops are NOT all-natural. I made an exception for this high-level glow.

Although there are already six shades of the Custom Enhancer Drops out, the new shades are brighter and better than ever. There are three new colors — Halo, Rose Gold, and Blossom. The first is their first holographic shade of the bunch, while the other two are, well, rosy hues, if you couldn’t already tell by the name.

When I say that these highlighter drops are incredible, I mean it. At first I was completely intimidated by the shades. They’re bright. [Like catch your eye as soon as you walk in the room bright.] The swatches, that is. Once you put them on your skin and blend, they’re much more wearable. Depending on how much you build the color up, I would say that you can get anywhere from blinding highlight to a subtle shimmer.


If you thought the packaging was good, just wait until you see the swatches. These three colors are incredible to say the least. I instantly knew I would love the rosy hues. They’re absolutely beautiful and a bit less intimidating than the holographic shade. It turns out that Halo is just as wearable.

I had the opportunity to try Halo out all over the face for an article I wrote. With a little advice from Cover FX’s makeup artist, I applied the Halo color to my cheek, eyes, and even lips. To my surprise, they were all just as gorgeous as cheek shine.


As much as I loved the colors on my eyes and even as a lip topper, the cheeks were still my favorite. It’s the easiest way to wear them and give the most gorgeous glow. I find that combining the colors makes it easy to match it to your own skin tone. Because I’m super fair, I didn’t want anything too extra.

My personal favorite combination is Halo and Rose Gold paired together. It gives a wearable shine that’s bright and catches attention, but isn’t blinding them as I walk by.

If the liquid highlighters are too much for you, then their new highlighting palette is a great alternative. You get four different shades — two cream and two powder — so you can build it up as glowy as you’d like. I love to go in with cream and then top with powder. The combination makes the shine last all day long.


The Custom Enhancer Drops were sent to me early, so they don’t officially launch until March 1. You’ll be able to buy them through the Sephora App on February 26 and 27, if you’re looking to shop a little early. The company is also launching two highlighter palettes [one of them are in this post] and an Illuminating Setting Spray as well.



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