Frank Body’s Glow Mask // All-Natural Skincare Review

My February is all about swapping out my chemical-filled beauty items for ones that are all natural. I decided to tackle skincare first. I’ve tried a whole lot of brands out so far, but Frank Body is one of my favorites. So when the brand reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out their first-ever mask, I was all about it.

Frank Body’s Glow Mask was sent to me, but all of these opinions are my own. The mask is all-natural [YAY!] and made with goji berry extract, shea and cocoa butter, and arabic coffee seed, cranberry, and raspberry seed oil. Basically, tons of vitamins and essential fatty acids that your body and skin need.

The goal of the mask is to make your skin plump and, well, glowy in five minutes. It works too. I don’t really believe in any skincare item that says it works on the first try, but Glow Mask does. The first time I used it, my skin felt instantly hydrated and looked healthier.

Up until now, I’ve been incorporating masking into my nightly routine. But the Glow Mask is perfect for mornings. [Especially on the nights you don’t get your full eight hours.] All you need is an extra five minutes. I like to keep mine on as I drink my morning coffee.

The mask is a thick cream and smells like coffee and vanilla, similar to the rest of their skincare items. Unlike other masks, the directions say to put on a thick layer and massage it into your skin before letting it set. To be honest, rubbing it in with you fingers is half of the fun of the mask.

It won’t completely cover your skin as opaque white, but it will cover it for the most part. It’s like frosting for your face.


The most incredible part of the mask is that you can actually see it work. I’m used to that with my mud masks, but never with a hydrating one. As the five minutes goes on, you can see it being absorbed into your pores.

At the end of the day, [err, the morning?] you can’t beat results. Even after just using this a few times, I can already tell it’s going to be a staple in my weekly skincare routine. Especially for those late nights when I don’t get enough sleep.

There’s no exact launch date yet [I’ll update this as soon as there is]. But if you sign up for updates on the Frank Body site, you’ll be the first to know when you can buy.



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