Love Infused Haircare // TO112 Review

Love in in the [h]air, my friends! Here’s a little known fact about me; I love Valentine’s Day. The idea of pampering yourself, spending time with your favorite people, and all the positive vibes is just too good. So when I found a product that combined my two favorite things — all natural items and love — I was dying to try it out. TO112’s love-infused haircare line made my shower time even more better than usual and got me in the V-Day spirit.

TO112 is not a new brand to me. I’m a huge fan of their lotions, body washes, and candles. [The brand was in one of my holiday gift guides.] But this was the first time I tried out their haircare. I was sent the hydrating that includes a cleaners, conditioner, and hair cream, which is basically a leave-in conditioner. All of which are infused with 528 hertz, which is the frequency of love.

I’m not completely sure how you infuse a shampoo with a frequency, but I fell in love with the products. To start, the scent is incredible. It has noted of lemon, mandarin, tangerine, and ginger. If that’s what love smells like, then I am a believer.

That was only the beginning of why I love these products though. The all-natural ingredients put this over the top. Although I can’t use the normal line, because it has wheat protein in it, the hydrating products are made with tamanu and camellia oil, which are both packed with vitamins and makes hair shine. I can completely attest to that.

My hair is pretty oily, so I always worry when I heard the word hydrating in a shampoo. This is one of the best I’ve ever tried, despite my oil. My hair feels strong, looks shiny, and stays for days without getting greasy. That’s huge for me, since my hair normally is oily by the second day.

As far as the infused love goes, I can’t exactly say that it changed my life. Although I did fall in love with the products, I don’t think 528 hertz is why. The scent is beautiful though. It fill up my entire shower as soon a I squeeze it out of the bottle.

Let’s be honest, half of the fun of using a product is the smell. The leave-in conditioner has the same scent as the rest of the items, and stays in my hair for days. If love smells like ginger, lemon, and musk, then I guess I’m a believer.

Whether you’re a believer of this love-infused product or just looking for a great shampoo and conditioner, you can’t go wrong with TO112. As good as the products sound in the description, it will make you feel just as good. I admit, it sounds pretty gimmicky, but you can’t argue with results.

Have a great V-Day, everyone!


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