The Most Kiss-Proof Lippies // Morphe Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks are some of the most intimidating beauty products, IMO. When you put them on you’re either stuck wearing them all day long or worrying with every bite and drink if it’s still on your lips. Well, not anymore. I tested out the most kiss-proof products and have found the best out there — Morphe’s Liquid Lipsticks.

The struggle is real when it comes to the lip products. While some dehydrate lips to the point of discomfort or are too mousse-y and slide all around. There’s also the problem of my boyfriend wearing my lipstick after giving him a kiss. Not something you want around Valentine’s Day. Of course, I’m not just going to ditch the fun lippies though.

With the holiday coming up, I wanted to make sure that I had the most kiss-proof, smudge-proof lippies in my makeup arsenal. I tried tons of different liquid lipsticks in honor of the holiday, but Morphe’s changed the game completely. As soon as these beauties were sent to me, I instantly started trying them on. [Just one of the perks of working from home.] The wear-test instantly began!

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I slipped on Brunch [without a lip liner], a rosy nude that was almost a my-lip-but-better color. I decided to leave it on throughout my day. I kept working, drinking bottles of water, and even ate lunch in the lip color. When I looked in the mirror after work, I was shocked to see the lippie still in perfect condition. It didn’t smudge or fade.

Honestly, it completely blew my mind. I was running late to my brother’s basketball game, so I ran out the door without even thinking about the lipstick still on my lips. It was going on eight hours, so I was worried that it would crumble or leave a ring around my lips. It didn’t!

I wore the same color out for my birthday dinner with my boyfriend. We went to P.F. Chang’s, so you already know I wasn’t holding back just for the sake of my makeup. The lippie lasted through kisses, lo mein, and even a chocolate dessert.


After seeing how well the nudes held up, I wanted to test the bold colors too. There are some really incredible colors in Morphe’s line, including purple, blue, and a few shades of red. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I threw on the red [called Morphe, because duh] and wore it all day long.

I’m not your typical red-lipstick wearer. That’s mainly because I’m worried that they’ll fade and smudge throughout the day. It’s already attention-drawing enough to have a bold lip color. I don’t need a smudge on top of that.

If you’re looking for a red to wear to V-Day dinner, drink, or really any occasion, this is the one for you. With one layer, it doesn’t budge at all. I will warn you to keep it thin though. The formula doesn’t layer up very well, but then again you won’t need to worry about reapplying throughout the day anyway.

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Mophe’s Liquid Lipstick are well worth every single cent of the $12.99 that they sell for. It’s not exactly drugstore prices, but it’s way less expensive than high end brands.

The only downfall is getting them off. Because they are so stay-proof, you’ll need a great makeup remover to get them off. I use my reusable makeup remover towel. It’s also from Morphe. This isn’t sponsored, I’m just a huge fan of these products. All views are my own.

Have another great long-wearing lipstick? Leave your favorites in the comments below!




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