Beautycounter // All-Natural Makeup Review

I’m a sucker for good packaging. You know what else I’m a sucker for? Products that work. Beautycounter happens to have both. These items are guaranteed to catch your eye, and for a good reason. Think of it as the date you met on Tinder, who actually turned out to be exactly who he or she said she was. It doesn’t happen often, but Beautycounter is the exception to the rule.

Before I get into why you need these products in your life, I have a few things to clarify though. The brand isn’t technically all-natural. It’s made with 80% organic, plant-derived or natural ingredients, but also has some synthetics in it. That being said, my skin wasn’t bothered by it one bit. So, if you’re looking for something completely natural, this isn’t for you. It is a safe alternative to chemical-ridden products though.

After hearing about this brand for a while, I finally got the chance to try them out for a Bustle article. As soon as the products came in the mail, I was obsessed. There was something about these products that make me feel good. Not just because they’re gorgeous, but because they’re not high coverage products. The foundations are light, the gloss is subtle, and the lipsticks are made to be built up. Beautycounter will make you feel like your best self.


Let’s start with my favorites — the lipsticks. Don’t let the color fool you. These are super wearable. At the first pass, they’re a sheer, my-lips-but-better color. On the second pass it’s a full coverage lipstick. No matter how you like to wear lipsticks, you’ll love these.

My personal favorite is the mauve color. It’s perfect for day or night. Typically, I’m a little intimidated by red lipsticks [red head problems], but I love this one. It wears beautifully and fades well too, which is important with a bold lip color.


The foundations are the exact same as the lipsticks. Apply one layer for a nice, subtle glow, or build it up to get a medium coverage. This isn’t something that you’ll want to wear every day, but if you’re having a great skin day, this is the one you’ll want to reach for.

The Dew Skin was my favorite of the two. Make sure to use it in moderation though. It’s name doesn’t lie. I also used it as a liquid highlight on the days where I just throw on some concealer, and it looked gorgeous.


The Beautycounter glosses aren’t the be all end all of lip products, but I have found myself reaching for it a lot lately. It’s your typical gloss, with a bit of shine to it. I can’t attest to all the colors, but the nudes are gorgeous and layer great with liquid lipsticks.

I think the reason that I’m reaching for them so much is because of the applicator. The glosses have a teardrop tip, but the inside is completely hollowed out. That makes it perfect for grabbing product and not having to dip it in the tube a million times.

All in all, this is a great way to ease into the all-natural makeup lifestyle. Have you tried any Beautycounter products? Let me know in the comments!



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