The Best All-Natural Makeup Removers

When I set my goal to live purposefully, I immediately started with skincare. The cleansers and oils were easy to swap out, but I needed to find a way to make my makeup removing more purposeful. I wanted my routine to be better for my body and the environment. So I did some research, scoped out a few launches, stalked a few brands, and found three makeup removing options that are perfect for anyone looking to swap.

Before I decided to switch things up, I was using your typical drugstore makeup wipes. I loved them because a] it was easy, b] it was quick, and c] it was cheap. Or so I thought. I was looking for something that would make my nightly routine any longer than it already was and that was just as convenient.

What I found were three different options that are clear winners. If you’re looking to go the all natural route, there is an option on this list for you. I promise.

Bbrowbar Rose Cleansing Balm


Before my little adventure with all natural makeup removers, I had never tried a balm. To be honest, I was scared away from it because it was so thick. But I ended up completely loving this one from Blink Bow Bar. It’s made from all-natural ingredients like white rose extract and sweet almond oil and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.

I would also recommend their face paddle. I had the duo sent to me, and they work so well together. One side of the paddle exfoliates as you rub it on your skin and the other works for applying face masks. I’m all about the skincare tool, but it’s also nice not to have to keep dipping my fingers into the tub.

Promise Organic Wipes


If you’re not looking to stray away from the makeup wipe, then these are the ones for you. I know what you’re thinking. I thought you wanted to help the environment? Well guess what, they do!

Not only are these made with all natural ingredients, but they’re completely compostable. So whether you’re throwing them in the garbage or into your at-home compost bin [like I did], you can breathe easy knowing that they won’t sit in a trash heap forever. You won’t find a better wipe than this. Bonus points that they’re super affordable too.

Morphe Towel Bestie


I saved my personal favorite for last. This little towel blew my mind. I tested it out for a Bustle article and completely fell in love. All you do is wet the towel down and rub in tiny circles on the skin for makeup to come off. There’s no catch for this one. It takes off the most stay-proof, water resistant makeup.

It doesn’t use any product and it’s completely reusable, making it the most environmentally friendly of the bunch. All that for just $6.99 too. I’ve tried a handful of makeup removing towels from other brands as well, but Morphe’s is by far the best.

I hope that these all natural finds make your transition a little bit easier. Have you tried any all-natural removers that I should know about? Leave them in the comments below!




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