Doucce // All-Natural Makeup Review

I’ve made it my mission to fill my blog with brands that I love and can actually use. I will admit though that I judge makeup by its packaging. I’m not proud of it, but it’s just something that happens. So when I got sent Doucce products, they sat in my makeup bag for a while. The products are are bulky and are the most visually pleasing. If you can get over that, you’ll fall in love with these products.

To put it simply, I test out a lot of makeup. I’m obsessed with finding brands that are worth my [and your] hard earned money. So when I found out that this was mineral makeup, I was intrigued. Mineral makeup is perfect for breakouts, sensitive skin, and people like me with lots of weird allergies, because it’s made without parabens, fragrance, talc, preservatives, oil, or other harsh chemicals.

Up until doing some research for a Bustle article, the only mineral makeup I was familiar with was BareMinerals. It turns out there are tons of other brands that do the same. Unlike other companies, Doucce has all pressed mineral powders instead of loose. I think that’s why I was so surprised to find that it was all natural.

I first found out about this brand when I was sent some of their lipsticks. I’ve never been a big fan of tube lipsticks, but I’m glad I tried these out. They’re absolutely amazing. The colors are a little dark for my everyday wear, but I absolutely love them. They’re silky and smooth on the lips, but stay put all at the same time.


These are by no means beginner lipsticks though. Because they’re so pigmented and luxe-feeling, you can’t just throw them on. You have to really guide them. Actually, they might even be better with a lip brush.

My personal favorite items from this line are the the blushes. The packaging does need some work though. If you’re walking late at night in an sketchy neighborhood, bring these with you because they’re like bricks. All jokes aside, they’re gorgeous though. The color payoff is incredible and they blend so nicely.


I was also pleasantly surprised by the shadows. Although the colors that were sent to me weren’t the most practical for my everyday wear, but they were super blendable. I actually ordered another one of their quads because I loved it so much.

Not to mention the pattern was absolutely stunning. Again, it’s not my ideal patter for a shadow, but you have to admit that the detail is amazing.


The only thing that I didn’t like at all from the line was the foundation. It came with a weird scooper applicator that I just couldn’t master. The foundation was also hard to blend with a brush yet didn’t want to go on with a sponge either.

All in all, if you stick to the powders and lipsticks, you’re going to love this brand. Don’t let the packaging throw you off!



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