How To Beat The Flu Naturally

You might have noticed that it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I got hit with the flu [and yes, I mean hit] that knocked me down for a while. It’s that wonderful time of year where we all pass around sicknesses to each other faster than the Bachelor hands out roses. Equally as hard to sit through, flu season is no fun. Add to that the fact that I got a sinus infection the day after I started feeling better and you’ve got one unproductive week.

Because I’m a fan of all-natural remedies, I spent my time figuring out how to beat the season the natural way. By the end of the week I had a pretty great system going. I swapped my cough drops for peppermint tea and the NyQuill for lavender oil. All in all, I feel like this is my new sick day go-to. It worked so well that I figured I’d share it with you.

Of course, I am not a doctor. My advise shouldn’t be considered as a prescription and I highly recommend seeing a doctor. But if for some reason you can’t [or you’re stubborn like I am] here are the things that helped me beat the flu the all-natural way.

1. Peppermint & Tea Tree


This blend way the only thing that could settle my stomach throughout the week. I woke up with a gut-wrenching cramp in my stomach that kept coming and going. As soon as I popped these into the diffuser, I felt a whole lot relief.

According to the Young Living site, which are the brand of oils that I use, among other things peppermint helps respiratory issues and alertness. The site also says that Tea Tree cleanses away toxins on top of other major skin benefits. So it makes complete sense why the blend helped my body. Again, like I said, I’m no doctor though. Just letting you know what worked for me.

When I was too weak to change out the diffuser, I stuck these two oils next to my bed. I would open the cap periodically, take a big whiff, and fall back asleep.

2. Happy Light


Because I didn’t leave my room for an entire day and didn’t go outside collectively, I was feeling pretty terrible. I needed to get some sunshine, but had no energy to actually do it. Not to mention it was rainy and cold. So I pulled out the happy lamp.

Now this won’t give you enough energy to run a 5k or stop you from looking at your ex’s Facebook pictures, but it’s a good start. I kept it next to my bed and turned it on for about an hour a day. There’s no statistics, but it definitely helped with energy levels.

3. Roll-on Relief


This is another one of my handy-dandy DIY oils tricks. Okay, so I can’t take complete credit for it, but my oil-loving friend wasn’t lying when she said that it works. I mixed up frankincense and peppermint, rubbed it on my throat and the bottoms of my feet at night, and the congestion was better by the morning.

Like I said before, peppermint is good for respiratory issues. Frankincense, which is also has major skin benefits, it’s also uplifting. That makes it perfect for getting you back to normal after a sickness.

4. Peppermint Tea


See a theme here? Peppermint was my saving grace during my sick week. It gave me a boost of energy while settling my stomach at the same time. I’ve always been a fan of Andrew Lessman’s Peppermint Tea, but I have no idea how much it would come in handy being sick. I won’t wore you with the benefits again. Just trust me when I say that this works every day of the week, sick or not.

5. Honey Sticksflu9

Honey isn’t my favorite food ever, but it became my best friend when I was sick. It healed my cough and helped me sleep. Not to mention gave me the little boost of sugar I needed to get me through the day.

Instead of just digging into a jar, I opted for honey sticks. Just cut the top, suck them down, and you’re on your way to feeling better. I’m not saying that it will instantly add money to your bank account, but you will eventually see the benefits of adding some honey into your daily routine. It’s become a staple for me with my breakfast, even after the sickness has gone.

On top of all of this, I took my vitamins and drank as much water as I possibly could. I hope this advise helps all of you as much as it did me. Good luck avoiding flu season, and may the odds be ever in your favor.




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