Beauty For Real // All Natural Makeup Review

When I find great brands, I can’t help but get excited. Especially when they align with my resolutions for the year. Beauty For Real is one of them. I could barely wait to upload this post, and that’s how you know you’ve found something great. Friend to friend, this is a brand you need in your life.

I first learned about this brand while trying out products for an all-natural beauty piece for Bustle. So, yes, these products were sent to me. That doesn’t mean I had to feature them here though. I did that because the line is too good for me not to share.

The creator of this line, Leslie Munsell was aiming to simplify the beauty process, which is exactly what she’s done. Everything from the glosses to the lip scrubs are all-natural and completely easy to use. Let’s be honest for a second, no matter how experienced with makeup a person is, products can be intimidating.

I can’ tell you how many times I’ve left products sitting on my shelf rather than trying them because I don’t want to mess up a good makeup day. I used these products right away, and loved every second of it. My boyfriend even mentioned how I’ve been trying so many different looks lately. I took it as a compliment.


The products are simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re not standouts. Let’s start with my favorite — the glosses. To start, the colors are absolutely stunning. They pair perfectly with any lip product. I don’t know if they’re plumping or not, but they do have a tingle when applied to the lips. It’s refreshing, like a chapstick in the winter.

The liquid lipsticks have a similar formula. The only different is that they are way more pigmented. To put it simple, I love them. Although the formula of these products might be simple, the packaging is anything but. Are you ready to hear the best part? They have lights in the cap! Lights, people! They also have a mirror on the back, so they’re perfect for applying on-the-go.


You might already have heard about their lip scrub. It’s been featured in Boxy Charm and raved about beauty vloggers and for a good reason. I’ve been using it every single day before I apply my lip products and have seen a huge different in how they apply.

Before this one, I’ve never been a fan of lip scrubs. I’m picky about which products go on [and sometimes in, when talking scrubs] my mouth. Since this one is all natural, I don’t have anything to worry about. It tastes great and isn’t too harsh on my skin.


If all of that isn’t enough, get ready for the kicker. During each month of the year, Beauty For Real donates 25 percent of a different product to a Beauty Heroine’s charity of choice. They let their readers nominate the ladies, and then those chosen get to pick the product and the cause.

I love knowing that my money is going towards something I want and helping a cause, so this was a huge benefit for me. This completely aligns with my living purposefully resolution for the year. Plus any time I can get beauty products and not feel bad about it is okay with me.


These product might not completely change your life, add money to your bank account, or help you find the millions of bobbie pins you lost, but it’s definitely worth the buy. Sometimes simple is just better.


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