Aloha Beauty Tea Changed My Life (And My Skin)

I would like to start this off by saying I’m 100% a coffee addict. I love the smell of it. The taste of it. Even the feeling of the warmth coming through the mug when I wrap my hands around the glass. We were in a committed relationship. That is, until I realized how much my skin hated it.

It took a while to realize that my one true love had done me wrong. It got to the point where I couldn’t deny that coffee was hurting my body rather than helping it. The cause of my dry, blemished skin and inability to concentrate was coming from my morning pick-me-up. Instead of carrying on this way, I knew it was time to change my daily drink.


I tried tons of different teas. Black, chai, chamomile, detox tea, I tried it all. Then I tried what is now my holy grail — Aloha Beauty Tea. It’s packed with Juniper Berry, Rosehip, Dandelion Root, and tons of other all-natural ingredients to get skin glowing. Not to mention it’s gluten, dairy, and soy free, non GMO, and vegan. Plus all of the packaging — from the tea bag to the box the packets come in — are completely biodegradable. So it totally aligns with my new year’s resolution.

Before I go on, you should know that I’m not typically a tea drinker. [Team coffee ’till the end!] So it was really hard for my to settle on one that I could actually tolerate and enjoy drinking every day. It wasn’t easy for me to make the switch. But once I did, the results were too good to ignore.


I started by reviewing this tea for a publication I write for. I drank two glasses a day [one in the morning , one at night] for two weeks. My skin was cured almost instantly of the dryness and blemishes. I swore that I would never touch coffee again.

…And then I did. Because when you’re binge watching Gilmore Girls before the big reboot, what else can you do? I’m not proud of it, but I failed to take my own advice. Not soon after that I realized that my skin was back to its unwanted tendencies.


That’s when I ordered four more boxes and dove right into my routine again. Honestly, I can’t rave about this product enough. I know there are tons of detox teas and skinny drinks out on the market, but you really can’t beat the amazing ingredients of Aloha.

If you’re looking to hydrate, fuel your body, and have a glow to your skin, you can’t do wrong with Aloha. Not to mention it’s super affordable. Just $8 a pack! Just to clarify, this post isn’t sponsored. I’m just looking to share the skin-changing product with you.

Have you found any life-changing skin care items lately? Comment them below and I’ll check the out!



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