RealHer Cosmetics // All Natural Makeup Review

Along with my Living Purposefully resolution comes transitioning every aspect of my life to mean more. One of the areas that I was most excited to dive into all-naturally was makeup. I set out to invest my time, money, and health into brands that would make me feel better. Not just look better.

I want to spend my money wiser, give to brands that I believe in, and invest in items that benefit my body. That’s where RealHer Cosmetics comes in. The brand has all-natural makeup that they hope will bring confidence to and celebrate every woman. They also donate 20 percent of all proceeds to charity. As if that wasn’t already amazing enough, they also have outstanding products. This is a brand that I will gladly stand behind.


RealHer Cosmetics sent me some items to try out, and I absolutely fell in love. Their lipsticks are not only gorgeous but have names like I Am Fierce and No Filter. If you think reading the names is empowering, just wait until you put them on.

The liquid lipsticks are some of my most stay-put products I’ve ever tried. You have to let them set before you go smacking your lips, but once it dries it’s not going anywhere. Plus their shade selection covers all the basics plus a little more. All in all they’re wonderful.

Their Do Your Squats Eyeshadow Palette is just as great as the lippies. When I put these shadows on for a recent date night, my boyfriend actually asked if I’d done my makeup differently. If it can get him to notice, then it pretty much solidifies my beliefs that these are great products.


Each shade blended like a dream and built up to the exact pigmentation that I wanted. Not to mention that it had the perfect base, transition, and pop of color shades. I can handle it not having a matte black or brown, because the deep red looked so gorgeous as lower lash line shade.

Is that not a warm tone lovers dream or what! It does have a little bit of fallout, but, personally, I can overlook that. The shade Lively is one of my favorites. This photo does it no justice. Just take my word for it that you need these shadows in your life.

I’m not a huge lipstick fan, but the RealHer Cosmetics formula has made me become one. The formula isn’t as stay-proof as the liquid lippies, but that comes with the territory. I like being able to put it on and take it off as I please. They also layer really well with other products.


In my honest opinion, you can’t go wrong with these products. Not only are they great for you and a great price, but the brand is all about supporting women as well. I can’t find a negative thing to say.

If all of my other all-natural transitions start out this great, then it’s going to be one heck of a year. Do you know any great all-natural brands? Leave your favorites in the comments and I’ll make sure to check them out!




  1. talkmakeuptome

    This brand sounds amazing! I love the whole concept, the fact that they donate to charity and the names are great! Do you know if it’s available in the UK by any chance? Lovely post x

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