The Gluten-Free Me

It starts with a lump.

Not a feeling, just a lump.

It rises in your throat.

Pressure builds.

Then bam. It hits you.

For the past few months, that lump has controlled my life. It’s forced me to stay inside, uninspired, and feeling sorry for myself. I wasn’t going to share this on here, but I think it’s only fair to let you guys know where I’ve been for the past few months.

I’m not proud of it, but I have been letting anxiety run my life. It’s kept me away from the ones I love and off this blog for far too long. For a long time I didn’t even want to tell myself that it was anxiety. I’d just call it an off day or say that I was in a funk. It was until I had a major life change that I realized that it wasn’t okay to keep living like this.

What I did was give up gluten. The pesky little wheat protein is found in all my favorite foods as well as a lot of different beauty products. It’s also what has been fueling my anxiety for so long. It took a while to figure out the ropes. Three months to be exact. It was frustrating to clean out my beauty bag and rid myself of items that I loved. To have to get new everything from my eye cream and moisturizers to my shampoo and body scrubs. It’s even harder to have to explain to your family and friends why you can’t have dinner with them. It still is, but that’s where this blog comes in.

If it’s hard for me to live naturally and free of gluten, then it probably is for others out there as well. This blog is now a space for us to figure it out together. I’m no pro, but I’m real and living it every day.


Recently I went to Holden Arboretum with my family. They have a tower that reaches 125 feet that you can climb to and look out over the park. As I looked down at how far I climbed and out over the world, I realized that this was a time to celebrate, not dwell on. It’s a new chapter to explore. I’m a long way from where I used to be, but I’m exactly where I belong.

I’d love to invite you on this challenging, sometimes messy, but completely beautiful experience with me. From health to beauty to just the way that I’m living my life, this is a place to explore it all. They’ll be reviews, DIYs, and stories to share, so look forward to a little bit of everything.

I’m excited to have you on this journey with me. It might not be an easy one, but I’m happy to have you here for the ride.



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