What’s In The Box? | July

I’m going to switch things up around here and talk about one of my passions in life — beauty. I write about it, I live it, I breathe it. It’s who I am. To start, I have not always been this way. (There’s a post on that to come, so stay tuned.) Being a fashion and beauty writer for Bustle obviously got me into it a lot more, but it’s something that so, well, you. It changes for everyone, and that’s what makes me love it the most.

That’s why I’m obsessed with beauty boxes. If you’re not familiar with the trendy little boxes, they’re basically a curated beauty subscription that you pay for every month and get five items sent to you. The products change depending on which one you buy. For me, I settled on the Allure Beauty Box. Why, you ask? Well, to put it simply, it’s one of the cheapest that had the best products in my opinion. I pay $15 a month for the beauty experts to send me samples of their five favorite products. That’s also what drew me in; I trust Allure. They’re a publication that is at the top of the game and puts a lot of thought into what they write about. I can get down with that.

So, without further ado, here is what was sent to me this month:


My first reaction was excitement. That might have just been since it was my first one though. I was happy to see that some of my favorite brands — Smashbox, GlamGlow, and La Mer — were inside.

What I was most excited for was…


GlamGlow SuperMud Treatment, $69, sephora.com

I was most excited to get the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment. I LOVE MASKS. Yes, all-caps was appropriate. Plus random breakouts love to throw parties on my face from time to time, so it’s always nice to have something to shut it down. It says that you can use it as a full mask or spot treatment, so I’m excited to try that out.

Also in the box…


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, $36, sephora.com

I love a good primer, especially in the summer. Normally I’m thrown off my silicone-based primers. For some reason they just remind me of clogged pores and greasy residue. After using this on my face, I was really surprised to see how much I liked it though. I think I’ll still stick to my priming waters, but at least I didn’t have to sppend $36 to figure out this one wasn’t for me.


Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry, $17, clinique.com

This was the onyl full size product in the box. I wasn’t super excited for this… until I put it on my lips. I’m all about hydrating, and this product is perfect for that. It looked like I just sucked on a popsicle. I love that too. Because it’s a balm, it doesn’t last forever, but I liked it anyways.


La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream, $85, shop.nordstrom.com

Unfortunately the full .5 oz cream wasn’t in the box, but I’ll gladly take the sample. La Mer is one of the top skincare. They’re hella expensive, so I was excited to actually get an opportunity to try out the product. Let’s just hope I hate it and don’t drop a crazy amount on a face cream.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, $62, sephora.com

I flirted with a sample of this for a little bit this winter. I realized that No night serum is better than one that you don’t like. This one will be passed onto my mom.

Overall, I think this box was fully worth the $15 I paid for it. The lip products alone is worth more than that! If you’d like to sign up for the Allure Beauty Box, you can do it right here. I suggest Google-ing the $5 off coupon too!

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