Walking On Thick Ice

It was the nicest January day that I can remember. My boyfriend and I both had the day off, so we decided to take a walk down by the river. The sun was shining, water was finally flowing in-between the massive broken ice pieces, and soggy but still just as colorful leaves were peeking through the almost-melted snow on the ground.

As we hopped around trying to avoid puddles, shoes sinking in the mud, we stood for a second near the river’s edge and just took it all in. The water zig-zagged in between the large chunks of ice peeking out of the water, looking like miniature waterfalls every so often. These are the moments I live for; standing side-by-side with my love, not having to say a word, and taking in what nature has to offer.

Of course, this moment didn’t last very long, because we both made our way to the thickest ice piece we could find and started testing our limits. Our chosen piece was about three, maybe four inches thick and hovering right over the water, looking strong and secure. Let me paint the picture for you: I am 5 foot tall and he 6′ 6″, so my odds of not falling in were a lot better than his. Still, he tested the ice before I did.


First came a foot. Then another. Then came some walking. Until finally, the ice had started to crack. He quickly jumped off the ice and onto flat land, but I couldn’t resist trying it out myself.

I got right onto the ice, looked behind me, and instantly grabbed his hand. It turns out walking on ice doesn’t feel so intimidating with the right person supporting you. He took my hand and spun me around and around like a figure skater, and I felt like no ice could bring me down. Until, of course, I started to slide closer to the water and held his hand even tighter until he slid me off the ice and onto steady land.

No piece of ice is less risky than others. Eventually the ice will crack, slip, or trip you up when you least expect it. You can only hope that there’s someone around to guide you off before you land on your butt.


So why would someone want to walk on ice at all?

Because all of life is a gamble. Everything you do comes with some sort of risk, even if you choose to do nothing at all. Whether you’re walking on thick ice or thin, never hold back just out of fear. Because even the thickest piece of ice is eventually going to break, but it helps to have the right person by your side through it all.



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