On Wearing Slippers To Work & Writing About Fashion

“So you actually know exactly what Blaire Waldorf would do,” I said to the stylist that encouraged Leighton Meester to audition for Gossip Girl.

He laughed, replied yes, and from there we went on to talk about the best hair products to hide in your purse and how to get the perfect messy hair. I spend most of my day like this. I talk to people about the best hair products, how to perfectly contour a face, and the top designers for fall. I do all of this while my hair’s undone, face is poorly contoured, and I’m in my slippers.

You’d think that I’d learn something while I’m doing my research, but I rather put all my time into the words aspect of the job. I’ve never been particularly great at hair and makeup, which was ironic for someone who absolutely loves and is drawn to this industry. But it’s not in the job description, so we’ll let it slide.

What I do love is the art that these people create. I’m drawn to the magic behind it all. The way a man can make himself look identical to Kim Kardashian, the fashion designer who has his fabric transform when rain drops on it, and the celebrity that can create a new fashion trend by just going to grab coffee. It’s absolutely crazy, and I love that you’ll never know what will come next.

The hardest thing about working in this industry is staying true to yourself. It’s hard to write about a clothing collection, celebrity, or beauty product that you can’t stand, but it’s even harder to tell your editor that you don’t want that piece. Although this is the part where some people will tell you that it’s better to keep your head down, write the stupid article, and move on, I’m not going to say that.

Everyone in this generation hears that they need to brand themselves. Well why brand yourself as a yes man, when you could band yourself as exactly who you are? Now, before you let that get to your head, you need to know that people hate hearing no, so you’ll need to get creative. Come up with your own angles, ideas, and formats. This changes your “no” into a creative new idea, and who doesn’t love that.

I fan-girl all the time. They say that I probably shouldn’t, but I figure I need to get it all out of my system before my career gets too serious. I told one of my favorite authors that I was not-so-patiently waiting by the door for her book to come, and I’ve typed the words *caution slight fan-girl moment ahead* in a professional email. I’ve also completely changed the subject when I got bored interviewing an actress about a show that I’ve never watched. Why? Because being yourself and making an impression matters.

It matters a lot actually. If there’s anything that I’ve learned besides the fact that literally everyone loves the Kardashian-Jenner clan (and yes, I type that phase twelve thirteen times a day), it’s that being you is the only thing that’s going to keep you sane. Follow your passion. Do things that they ask you to for way less money than you should. But never, ever forget who you are when no one else is looking. Because at the end of the day when you’ve left the office/logged off, you still have to live with you.

*Written sincerely from my makeshift coffee-shop spot turned office.*

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